6800GT v X1600 Pro ,which is best ?

  Davideng 18:02 11 May 2006

I currently have a 6800gt agp card in my pc.This card runs all games with no problem.I would like to upgrade to an SLI ready pc but I can,t afford it right now.I have seen 512 mb cards (eg radeon x 1600 pro agp) for sale around 100 quid.Is this card better that my 6800 gt ? is it worth replacing ? will there be that much difference ? If anyone can help I would be very grateful .

  keef66 18:18 11 May 2006

no, stick with the 6800gt.

You need to be spending closer to £200 to get a card significantly better than the one you have.

Check on Tom's Hardware Guide for performance comparisons

  Totally-braindead 18:56 11 May 2006

I had a look and I'm not 100% certain but from the benchmarks I have looked at they appear pretty similar performance wise therefore it would be a waste of money.

  Noelg23 19:23 11 May 2006

if u want really good and fantastic graphics card...look for either the X1600, X1800 or X1900...but go for the XT versions of these cards...cos they are the daddy's of graphics cards they even wipe the floor with nVidia GeForce 6 and 7 series cards...if money is no object get two X1900XT Crossfire...work just like SLi cards but my God are they brilliant...if money is tight then get the X1600 XT for now...buy a mobo with two PCI-E 16x slots so that later on u will want another X1600XT...if all that fails then take the ATI X850XT cards...again fantastic...u can pick one up for about £90 or under from eBay...

  citadel 19:29 11 May 2006

I would keep the 6800gt as it plays games ok and wait another year.

  Noelg23 19:36 11 May 2006

ok have a look on ebay for the X850XTs...and I made a mistake...they are just as expensive as the others...but the money will be well spent believe me....

  keef66 22:21 11 May 2006

click here

the X850 does not have the shader 3 support the 6800gt already has. To upgrade you'd really need to be going for an AT X1900 or an Nvidia 7800 or 7900 based card. Definitely more than the £100 Davideng was considering spending

  007al 23:23 11 May 2006

Nvidia has brought out the 7800 and 7900 cards on AGP(although they said they wouldnt),but youre looking at £200-£300.The 7600 on AGP is around £150.It depends if you will stay with AGP,but as you say you want to go SLI some day then i wouldnt bother changing at all.For a cheaper alternative to SLI,try the AsRock SLI motherboard,its around £50.It uses the Uli chipset instead of Nvidia,but as Nvidia now owns Uli,they allow it.

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