6800go ultra

  matt1234 19:41 28 Jun 2005


im looking for a gaming laptop, with a 6800go ultra. th only machine i can find is a Mesh click here
but thats got the 6800go in it.

Will this play all the latest games on full (for how long in its life will the laptop stay playing at full graphics)?

Can some one find a laptop with it in?


  Jdoki 20:19 28 Jun 2005

Dell Inspiron XPS Gen 2

click here <- hope the link works!

Even a mighty 6800Ultra can not play ALL current games on full settings... Everquest 2 springs to mind as a game that looks amazing on a 6800Ultra on Med/High settings, but drops to a crawl on Max settings.

But for the vast majority of games they can be played at 1280x1024 max detail, or 1600x1200 max, or close to max detail.

I have an overclocked 6800GT in my desktop machine and it flies in everything I have chucked at it. Half Life 2 at 1600x1200, Doom 3 at 1280x1024, World of Warcraft 1600x1200, Everquest 2 at 1280x1024 medium detail.

  citadel 20:22 28 Jun 2005

alienware laptops use the latest graphics cards.

  matt1234 21:39 28 Jun 2005

ok i dont mean to sound fussy but ive had a bad exspereince with DELL (i wont go into the problem)

Ive looked at alienware but the 6800go ultra is only availible to USa customers at the moment.

any more ideas?

  citadel 21:54 28 Jun 2005

did you look at alienware uk site. I configured a laptop, just to have a look and it had the choice of a 6800go or another card.

  matt1234 21:56 28 Jun 2005

that was a x800 and the ultra is more powerful than the x800

any more ideas?

  matt1234 07:24 29 Jun 2005


  Jdoki 09:49 29 Jun 2005

Well my advice would be... if you are serious about gaming then go for a desktop or SFF PC.

Even a laptop with equivalent specs to a desktop will rarely run as well.

Factor in that laptop keyboards are not as responsive as a good desktop keyboard and you'll need an external mouse anyway, then an SFF with a nice screen may be the way to go for gaming.

Heat is almost always an issue. A buddy of mine had massive problems stopping his Intel CPU from slowing down under full load, and there's nothing worse than seeing a hit to framerate when things start getting hot.

He eventually improved things after buying a laptop cooler - a platform that the laptop sat on which pulled heat away from the bottom of the machine and blew cool air in - but this kinda made the portability of a laptop pointless as he had to lug the cooler around as well.

  matt1234 11:06 29 Jun 2005

thats the problem i really need it as i trvel alot, and i would miss my gaming if i bought a laptop

  Kate B 12:34 29 Jun 2005

Have a look at click here - my new beast of a gaming rig came from them and they are superb on both the quality of machines and on customer care. I was hugely impressed.

  matt1234 16:16 29 Jun 2005

ok VERY nice but seems alot of money, unless some one can get it under 2 grand as i cant.

or any other sudgestions?

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