6600gt Or 6800le

  digga-p 21:42 10 Feb 2005

Hi all, just wondered your opinions of the aforementioned cards when compared?

I currently have a Geforce 3ti 200 128mb (running at 220/520). My pc has well overtaken the gcard, and so it must go.

So I ask, what is better (straight answers please!), a decent 6600GT or a 6800LE. I have £150 utter max to spend on card, and if I can find one, I would prefer to have a 6800 standard with 12 pipelines (a bit much to ask really). I can find a 6800LE for £130 ish, and I've heard that they can be soft modded to open more pipelines (excellent, but is this usually successful?). This obviously may not work, and given this, I could end up with a bog standard 6800LE. Would this be better than the 6600GT (I have my eyes on the Gainward one at Komplett for £145 with 2.0ns memory)?

Any advice is much appreciated,


  gudgulf 22:34 10 Feb 2005

click here

Personally I think that in its standard state the 6600gt outperforms the 6800le.The 6800le is more or less the equivalent to a last generation ATI 9800xt with just a little bit of extra performance at high resolution/aa however it also supports the latest pixel shader3 and directx standards.

Bear in mind there is the possibility of unlocking some extra performance using RivaTuner to softmod it....but this is not guaranteed.You may find that you can unlock the extra pixel pipelines but they may be corrupt.Manufacturers often use chips from the top flight cards that fail to make the grade to produce the restricted performance le models.

If it was me paying the money I would be buying the 6600gt.....unless I could spend a little extra on a 6800 non ultra which would be a lot faster and have a better chance of being unlocked without problems.

  Ballie 16:27 12 Feb 2005

I have a BFG6600GT O/C click here click here it runs at 525mhz as std but I have had it up to 547mhz all ok make sure you have a good psu though with lots of amps, you can get them from pcworld. I did have some problems with my first card it would not play 3d games but it was faulty and pc world swaped it over no prob's there are a lot of 6600 faulty chips out there but you will know if its faulty straight away because it just won't play 3d games but the best way is to run 3D Mark 03 if it is working it will run the program ang give you a score if it is faulty it will lock-up. also click here click here and read.

  dagwoood 16:58 12 Feb 2005

digga-p, I recall reading a thread on another forum asking exactly the same question(sorry, I can't remember which forum, else I'd have posted a link)and gudgulf's advice is spot on.

The 6600Gt will out perform the 6800le at stock settings. The only time that the 6800le gives better performance is at higher resolutions(and that depends on if your monitor can support higher resolutions)and if you crank up the anti-aliasing.

As to softmodding to open the extra pipelines, at one time there were quite a few 6800le cards about that could be softmodded, but it's now hard to get a new card that will do this. If you buy one of these, it's a bit of a gamble if you can open the pipelines.


  Bleep 17:26 12 Feb 2005

I disagree with the main school of thought here, the 6800le is a slightly more powerful card and can be soft modded to unlock the extra piplines, it's 256bit memory and more powerful GPU give it a bit more horsepower than a 6600GT at higher settings click here

However in a price performance debate i'd go 6600GT or even better pay the extra and get a 6800 Vanilia.

But this:

PNY Verto GeForce 6 6600GT AGP8x 128MB GDDR3 @ £139.98 inc VAT click here

is a great buy, both cards are great and better than a 9800Pro...

  digga-p 19:14 12 Feb 2005

I may well be tempted elsewhere now...

I've found an OEM stash of Leadtek A400TDH at £170 a pop (12 pipelines, and pretty good chance of all 16 opening). All I have to do now is save up the extra and hopefully they'll still have them in a month!!!

If not, I like the look of that PNY 6600GT. That seems a good price, and from what I'm lead to believe, the PNY is a good card...

  Bleep 19:46 12 Feb 2005

I have the PNY 6800 GT 256MB and am over the moon with it, it overclocked straight out of the box to Ultra speeds and just look what it did to my AMD 2500 + set up : click here 11,851 in 3DMark03 and 5049 in 3DMark05 shows the quality of the card.

With PNY you know that your getting top quality memory as well as that is what the company mainly produces, anyway enough of that enjoy your N'Vidia 6 Series when you get it I upgraded after being a ATI 9800Pro owner and a life long ATI fan and have never looked back.

  citadel 19:58 12 Feb 2005

the pny 6600gt has a full version of far cry, which is worth having, there were some faulty 6800le's on the market when they came out that crashed to a black screen with no error message.

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