6600 or 6600GT?

  Paula Michelle 14:21 20 Apr 2005

I have found a local shop which will custom build a new computer system for me. They have suggested certain components different from my first choice for a variety of reasons. These components are more expensive than the best internet prices and sometimes less value. The local shop guy will put my components into a system but it would cost me £99 for labour over and above the normal £35 for installing windows and other software/drivers, etc. If I use their components I get free labour and only pay the £35 windows installation fee. Plus he says he will only gaurantee my system with his components. I don't have any problems with that, just that I don't want his components simply because he wants to sell them.

I wanted to put in a Geforce 6600GT card for around £146 but they are suggesting a Geforce 6600 256MB (not GT but not LE) for £133. The guy reckons that since I am looking for a quieter system the non-GT version will run cooler and quieter.

Would anyone care to advise me please?

There are other issues regarding other components such as the case and power supply, and the hard drive, etc., so would someone in charge please tell me whether to post these separately as a new post or should I keep this thread going by adding these issues as we go on?

  gudgulf 15:04 20 Apr 2005

There is a simple question to ask yourself with respect to the 6600/6600gt query.......Is the pc going to be used for playing computer games.If the answer is yes then you need the 6600gt.It is a lot faster than the basic version and well worth the extra cost.As to the basic 6600 being quieter....that would depend on if it uses the same cooling fan or not.If it does then there might not be any difference.Also the price they are quoting for a basic 6600 seems very high click here

As for questions about the rest of the pc spec you could carry on here or you could tick this as resolved and start a new thread asking for general advice on the specification and use you have in mind.That would attract a more general audience which might get you more replies.

  picklsey 15:06 20 Apr 2005

why don,t you post the spec of the pc you wanted here and let others have a look.as far as the shop goes i would look around and see what other shops say about the spec. of pc you want.why don,t you build it yourself.

  Paula Michelle 16:08 20 Apr 2005

The spec being offered is: (inc VAT)

AMD 64 3200 Winchester Socket 939.....£133

Asus A8V AGP Mobo......................£91

2x512MB Samsung RAM....................£88

6600 256Mb graphics card..............£133

2x200GB Seagate SATA HDD..............£166

DVD ROM (Samsung)......................£24

DVD RW x16 (Samsung)...................£44

Colours IT 550w PSU....................£33

Atlas Case.............................£44

Windows XP Home........................£74

Installation of XP, drivers, etc.......£35

Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, modem NOT REQUIRED.

Total cost ..............£865 inc. VAT.

There is only one other shop in Eastbourne and they use Epic PC to build theirs. click here
This company don't do AMD and the man in the Eastbourne shop is there to promote existing components not to talk about customising.

I would build my own using my other half as the builder, but I would rather have it built somewhere where they can test it properly. I'm not ruling out building it ourselves.

I have never heard of Colours IT power supplies but I will look them up. The man in the shop says that Western Digital 200GB HDD (my first choice) are nowhere near as good as Seagate. He also says that his Samsung memory is as good if not better than from Crucial. I think there is no difference except Crucial charge a lot less. He also says I won't need PCI Express and the ASUS A8V-E DELUXE 939 PCI-E K8T890, Dual DDR, SATA RAID, LAN, Firewire, WiFi Enabled Motherboard I was going to get from Savastore at £96. This makes me think that he's trying to sell me stuff in his shop.

Anyway, I'm thinking about all this and I would be VERY glad of your advice because you've always been great at pointing me in the right direction before.

Paula Michelle.

  smull 16:21 20 Apr 2005

Look at prices & service on this site click here

  Paula Michelle 16:30 20 Apr 2005

Actually, I had sourced most of my original components from Novatech, and it is where I might buy from if it comes to buying the parts. But Novatech won't build and their barebones units only have a 300w PSU so that's out. I had a lengthy argument with their telesales folk some time ago trying to get them to provide a barebones system with a 350 or higher psu.

  picklsey 17:03 20 Apr 2005

Paula Michelle

my advice would be is build your own sounds very much that the shop wants to sell you stock items,why should you settle for less than what you want.i,ve built a few pc,s for myself and family with the great help you get from members here.as for gauranntees you will get them with the parts you buy,I.T support as you are well aware there is no where better than here.build your own to the spec you want not what the shop dousn,t have.

  Paula Michelle 17:53 20 Apr 2005

As a matter of interest, the man in the shop told me that Westen Digital 200Gb Serial ATA Hard Disk drives are "cheaper than Seagate because they are nowhere near as good". Now if I get my partner to help me build my own PC I would like to be sure I'm buying the best components. Would someone like to comment on this? And also on the other thing he said, "Crucial sometimes do bad batches, so you are better getting Samsung from here", and he said that a 6600GT graphics card would be no better than a 6600 non-GT and be quieter. Also, I was going to get a Antec or Tagan or Hyper PSU and he reckons these Colors-IT power supplies are "so quiet you can't hear them and more reliable than other psus". What is the truth behind these generalisations?

  Totally-braindead 18:20 20 Apr 2005

I'll tell you what I think, the hard drives, I've had both makes admittedly they were IDE but neither has ever had a problem with me at least and I can only assume the SATA ones are similar, the thing about Crucial as far as I know is total rubbish, the 6600GT is better than the 6600 non GT thats one of the reasons its more expensive whether one of them is quieter than the other I don't know because it'll depend on make and the type of cooling each card uses and the last one is the best, I've never heard of Colors-IT but the others you mention are well known makes so I'd choose them and check in the specs for the power supplies on the noise levels. I suspect that he is trying to sell you a system on which he makes a better mark up on the components rather than what he'll make on the items you want. Wait and see what the others say, perhaps I got some of my facts wrong but what I have is said is what I believe is correct, if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me.

  [email protected]@ 18:33 20 Apr 2005

Hi Paula,

To be honest I think that someone is steering you in the direction *they* want you to go in, and not allowing you freedom of choice.You are paying out a considerable sum for your pc and if it was me I would want to have MY choice of components fitted and not some old stock that the shop already has.Don't be bullied you must stick out for what YOU want and if the shop won't play ball go elsewhere.

[email protected]@.

  Joe R 18:41 20 Apr 2005

Paula Michelle,

I don't know who the man in the shop is but, from my point of view, it seems as if he is trying to sell you, what stuff he can't get rid of.

Saying that Crucial make bad batches of memory, is just a ludicrous statement. ( especially as it has a lifetime guarantee ).

click here

This shows you the price for a 6600GT card,(Roughly the same as you have been quoted for a 6600).

Look at some of the prices here, for a complete system. ( I know it says that it reserves the right to change parts if unavailable, but i've been assured by them, that they will only be replaced, by a) a similar or better quality, and b) a similar or more expensive component, with no extra charge).

click here

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