64bit windows xp

  david889 14:29 26 Mar 2006

Hi, A friend of mine has a computer with an amd 64bit athlon cpu. His computer came with windows xp home edition but thats something i dont understand, i heard that windows xp x64 edition only came only in professional, so does he have the original 32bit version of windows xp installed?

  Skills 14:51 26 Mar 2006

Yes XP home is a 32bit OS if your friend wants to try out the 64bit version of xp you can get a 6month free trial copy off the microsoft website. Driver support is not very good for the 64bit version thou so I have heard so you're friends probably better off waiting for vista to come along.

  david889 14:55 26 Mar 2006

so my friend is using a 32bit version of windows on his 64bit cpu

  Skills 14:55 26 Mar 2006


  david889 15:01 26 Mar 2006

ok thanks for your help

  Lettervanman 18:28 26 Mar 2006

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