64bit upgrade ???

  ddanmale 23:39 08 Feb 2006


I am quite good with the internal workings of a pc ive managed to upgrade graphics cards, drives, memory etc with no problem.

But my question is:- Is it possible to just upgrade my motherboard to a 64bit board and use everything else that i already have drives, memory, cpu etc etc ????


  Thalmus 23:50 08 Feb 2006

CPU - no
everything else - yes

  phono 00:03 09 Feb 2006

As Thalmus said CPU - No but you may have to include memory in that, depending on what you have in your system now of course, if the new mobo has PCI express it may also rule out your graphics card.

Again, depending on what you already have, your PSU may not have all the connectors required for the new mobo or even be powerful enough.

  ddanmale 00:27 09 Feb 2006

Is it worth upgrading do you think or should i just hang on and maybe get a new PC later on ???



  phono 01:15 09 Feb 2006

It's probably better to hang on to what you have now, providing it fulfills your current needs of course, then get a new PC at a later date when required.

That's just my own opinion, others may well differ.

  jack 09:16 09 Feb 2006

Hang on or Change?
its up to you - 1.How old is the existing?
2.Does it do what you want?
3.What is the advantage of 64 bit?

One and two only you can answer
64 Bit is the next stage ,but so far in the main it is only hardware- Programs have still away tyo go before being able to take full advantage of the extra capacity/speed.
So if you do change the differences are as yet almost subliminal.

How to change - the easiest way to is buy a 64bit MoBo/CPU/RAM bundle, and new PSU that conforms to the new 2 plug power requirement of the new MoBO.

Then snap it all to together.

You will need however to clear the disk and reformat and reload.
The old system will not be recognised by the new set up.
Take a look at here click here

  vinnyT 11:12 09 Feb 2006

Unless you are desparate to spend money on a new pc, then as others have stated it is best to hang on.

My reason for this is that, if you can wait till 4Q of this year MS are supposed to be brining out vista. So you may as well get a machine with the new os on it, rather than buy now and get xp.

  Totally-braindead 12:06 09 Feb 2006

Agree with the others plus as well as needing to buy a 64 bit operating system as far as I know the software developers haven't released any 64 bit programs yet to take advantage of it, though I'm sure they are in development. Kind of curious though how much difference it will actually make, will it make things just a touch faster or will it make a real difference once its fully operational.

  jack 14:42 09 Feb 2006

I did the 64bit3000Athlone MoBO route last year to replace the existing 1.4 32 4 year old
So in that sense an altogether faster more stable machine.
Bu I never did get onto this 'Faster' business
Such as 'My printer prints like a tractor' syndrome.
It all happens faster than I can make a cup of coffee
and some times too damn quick before I have a chance to change my mind about something - Witness my many typo filled posts

  Totally-braindead 16:55 09 Feb 2006

jack I also have a 64 bit processor a 3500+ but without a 64 bit version of windows and programs designed to utilise it my computer will be no faster than a standard 3500, yours will be exactly the same. It may be quicker compared to what you had before but you are not seeing the advantage of 64 bit at the moment.

  phono 21:27 09 Feb 2006

One big advantage of 64 bit will be the larger amount of addressable RAM that can be installed in a system, very useful if you are into video editing etc.

However, as others have already said, until you install a 64 bit OS and have 64 bit apps installed the improvement will hardly be noticeable.

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