640 x 480 pixels Display

  Tablet 18:10 01 Nov 2003

Please can you help.

I seem to be stuck in the
16 colour ? 640 x 480 pixels Display,
I have tried changing the settings,
but to no avail.


check your display adapter in device manager also update the driver

  Greenfingers 18:45 01 Nov 2003

I think the problem relates to the graphic card on your system not being set up correctly.If you have the driver for the card I would suggest reinstalling it.The settings your are stuck with are those which would apply when running in safe mode when only the basic windows drivers are installed and that is why I think the problem lies with your graphic card driver, ( or the card itself ).

  woodchip 19:13 01 Nov 2003

You have not said but it sounds like you have ether formatted your hard drive or fitted a new graphics card, and not loaded the Drivers of the Graphics card CD. It would also help if you said what Operating System.

  Tablet 20:14 01 Nov 2003

The description you gave (running in safe mode)is exactly the way it appears,
you suggest reinstalling the graphics driver, although I have all the flopy disks and CDs I got with the PC, I don't know which one would have the graphics driver on.

The PC Details are:- Dell Computer, Windows 98.


  DAG88 20:43 01 Nov 2003

just check all of them until you find te right one

  woodchip 22:17 01 Nov 2003

if you put a CD in the Comp old the shift key down so it does not start to load keep it down until the CD drive light stops flashing, then open Windows explorer and check what is on the CD. if it's a floppy disc these do not auto load so you can go strait to the floppy drive to see what is on the floppy. You will be looking for something like VGA driver, a Windows 9 drivers folder.

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