64 mb graphics, 128mb needed

  Roo247 10:20 19 Jan 2008

Hi all, i need some advice please. My girlfriends home PC has a 64mb graphics card. Her little boy like to play Train Simulation games. A lot of the games he wants say you need 128mb graphics, so he cant play them on the home pc. Would it be a huge task to upgrade the graphics card? And what info from the PC would i need to find out to see what card i would need, or even if its possible to install a better card.

  SANTOS7 10:28 19 Jan 2008

Make and model of MOBO which will tell you if the card installed is AGP PCI or PCI-e, ammount of memory and size of PSU should be considered,

click here

this will help...

  wee eddie 10:47 19 Jan 2008

It might be advisable to tell us more of your Girlfriend's PC.

What Make and Model Number and which Operating System.

  Roo247 15:32 19 Jan 2008

ok, it says its a
HP Pavillion
Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
160 GB HDD
Intel Extreme Gtaphics up to 64mb shared video memory


hope that helps, or can someone tell me where to look for more in depth info please.

Many thanks for all your help.

  Technotiger 15:36 19 Jan 2008

As well as a better Graphics card, that PC would need more RAM to run something like Trainz Railway SIM 2004, at any decent speed.

  brundle 15:37 19 Jan 2008

Your system ought to have an AGP slot spare. click here

Lots here; click here
I don't know much about ATI cards, if you go for NVidia anything from the 6xxx or 7xxx range will be fine.

  Technotiger 15:42 19 Jan 2008
  wee eddie 23:16 19 Jan 2008

As your knowledge appears to be fairly basic, I would seriously think about recruiting some help.

You appear to have "on-board graphics" so as the others have said, a graphics card is necessary as is some more RAM. If you do this the PC will get a wee boost and should be swifter carrying out all its other tasks.

It's all fairly simple stuff but if you have a "savvy" mate to ride shotgun, while you fit new RAM, the new card and load its drivers, the task will seem a lot less daunting.

  Killo Bite 02:14 20 Jan 2008

got to click here

This will give you everything about your pc model.
getting straight to the graphics then click here

Yes you have a AGP slot but its a x4 and not a x8 but x8 AGP cards are backwards compatible.

I would say upgrade to 1GB Memory from crucial.co.uk & a FX6200 minimum if you can alow also consider a PSU upgrade as I know they are low wattages in HP/Compaq Machines.

  Roo247 15:21 20 Jan 2008

Many many thanks to all above. I'm going to have a good look and see what my options are. What a great forum this is. Thanks again. I wont tick this as resolved as i may need to ask some for more advice.

  Roo247 18:47 20 Jan 2008

when i look at some of the graphics cards available, and they list "video memory installed" under the cards specification, does this mean it uses its own memory and not from the PC's memory?

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