64 bit VIsta

  flateric1 13:11 03 Aug 2008

For give me not sure were to post this...

I am thinking of upgrading my PC soon from XP SP3 etc..

But am worried which Vista to go for 32bit or 64bit one.

If I get 64bit Vista well most of my programs not work ? I have System Suite 8 but says Vista 32bit not 64bit? What if I want top continue using it? What about games? I have loads HL2 , Company of Heroes / OF. etc. Plus video software like Video Studio 11.5 and soon I am get Pinnacle 12.... I know I need a 64bit cpu and mother board , what about ram? etc

Any advice i be greatful I just dont want most of my software stop working..

Thank you

  Pine Man 13:19 03 Aug 2008

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  Pine Man 13:23 03 Aug 2008

If you're seriously considering a 64bit edition of Vista, consider these points:

The gaming industry has yet to embrace the 64bit architecture.
With very few exceptions, all home/home office applications are 32bit - including Microsoft Office.
At the time of this writing, the vast majority of 64bit device drivers are alpha or beta quality and are not considered "production ready."
64bit Vista will not run 16bit applications.
64bit Vista will not let you install unsigned device drivers. You know that "are you sure you want to install this device" screen? Those are unsigned device drivers. 64bit Vista will not ask you, it simply won't install it regardless of how many 4-letter words you shout at it.

My own conclusion: Until there is better, more widespread, support for 64bit hardware and applications, you're better off saving your money and buying Vista 32bit instead.

  jack 14:01 03 Aug 2008

No software or hardware about at the current time and as stated 64 bit is not backward compatible.

For the record MY Desk top PC- has a 64 bit motherboard/processor- simply because /3 years ago everybody was talking about it and I got bit my the 'must-have' bug.

Is it better/faster?
I dunno it seems the same to me.

  jimv7 14:06 03 Aug 2008

Very strange as I am running 64 bit vista and it is compatable with loads of 32 bit applications.

There are 2 programme folder within windows, programme files and programme files(x86)

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