64 bit upgrade

  Terry Brown 17:27 26 Jul 2005

I'm going to upgrade my motherboard shortly, and I was looking at 64 bit systems. I currently use a mixture of programs (winXP and Win 98), would the Win 98 programs run on a 64 bit system ?--Thanks Terry

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:33 26 Jul 2005

You would notice no difference unless you are running a network of 40+ computers. The 64-bit version of Windows XP is lacking a lot of the features found in the 32-bit version. Among the missing features are: DVD playback, the ability to record to a CD, the Kodak imaging accessory, Windows Media Player, NetMeeting, IEEE 1394 audio, and fax capabilities. The 64-bit version of Windows XP is also missing almost all protocols except for TCP/IP, System Restore, the Windows Messenger Service, Remote Assistance, the File and Settings Transfer Wizard, and too many other features to list.

Personally I think it is a total waste of time for home users but each to their own.


  igk 20:34 26 Jul 2005

I agree 100% with your statement,my son has recently "upgraded" to 64bit Mobo,cpu & and of course a pci express graphics card and has had trouble ever since...

  lepoidevin 18:40 27 Jul 2005

i have been using xp x64 now for some time now and as long as it is set up properly and make sure you have 64bit drivers for all of your hardware,you should have very few problems.most 32bit aps and programs will run just fine.as for the missing bits reported by gandalf,most of them are in fact all there,windows media player ext ext.dont be put off,well all be using 64bit ops soon as windows vista will be 64bit.

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