64 bit question for the more experienced than I

  Aleksandr 22:29 07 Feb 2013

I have an old pentium d dual core processor and gigabyte vm900m mobo. I was running xp pro quite happily with 2gb ram, until I got restless and thought I would speed it up some.

So the poormans upgrade is always more ram, right.?

But then I discovered that a 32bit system cannot fully utilise 4gb and since that is the max my ancient board can take, I pondered moving to 64bit.

I upgraded to windows 8 pro 64 bit and put in another 2 gb of ram.

It is actually running pretty good, but my ancient hardware still doesn't make the most of the 4gb, (2.95 usable).

So not being one to stop before I achieve what I set out to do, I now think the only option is new mobo and processor.

It doesen't have to be top of the range, just something that will make use of all the memory and maybe even be able to take more than 4gb.

If it were possible I would like a mobo with a ide connector so I can retain my HDD.

Can some of you guys suggest a mobo and processor. There are just too many for me to start researching without a hint where to start.

  Chronos the 2nd 09:46 08 Feb 2013

You could use something like this IDE/Sata Converter 1 or IDE/Sata converter 2 this would mean you could get whatever mobo/CPU combination you want and still use your ancient IDE hard-Drive.

I am assuming that you wish to use your existing RAM which I would imagine will me some sort of DDR 2. So to help you choose a mobo/CPU I would need to now what exactly your RAM is and of course how much do you wish to spend. Also what is your existing mobo this I would need to know for size purposes whether it is an ATX or perhaps the smaller M-ATX.

  Aleksandr 10:08 08 Feb 2013

My current mobo is gigabyte vm900m the processor is pentium d dual core as you will know it's ddr2 ram.

It would be a bonus if I could use it since it's brand new.

I don't want to spend any more than I have to.

A good board a processor from a year or two ago would probably be equal or better than a low end brand new one today.

Maybe not, I only know enough about computers to get me into trouble.:)

I asked this question on another part of the forum, but maybe you could answer here too.

Could I clone my ide drive to a sata drive and then boot from it or would I need to do a fresh install.?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:34 08 Feb 2013

I saw your question on cloning etc. You can certainly clone it but then boot from it,its possible I think,but I am not certain and I think it is fraught with dangers. A clean install on a new mobo and then using your old HDD's as back up is the far more sensible solution.

I actually need to know what type of DDR 2 RAM, not just that it is DDR RAM which I had already guessed as you have a rather old Pentium D processor.

Your Mobo. And as you can see it supports DDR2 667/533/400 so which of these are yours?

  Chronos the 2nd 10:35 08 Feb 2013

PS: It is a pain in the rear finding the mobo to suit the RAM as oppose to the other way round.

  Aleksandr 10:59 08 Feb 2013

Here's what Mr memory says.

240 Pin DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz

His invoice is vague. I could contact him for exact details.

Thank you for the trouble you are taking.

  Aleksandr 11:01 08 Feb 2013

I just remembered, I am almost sure it was 184 pin.

I think this is what I bought

184 pin DIMM DDR PC2700 CL= 2.5 unbuffered non EEC DDR333 2.5v 128meg x 64

Which seem right to you.

  Aleksandr 11:04 08 Feb 2013

sorry ignore that last post. That was an even older pc.

  alanrwood 11:07 08 Feb 2013

The question really is why is only 3GB of your memory usable under a 64 bit OS. What graphics card are you using. Remember that graphics memory can be shadowed in RAM so that the usable memory is reduced by the amount of Graphics memory. If your graphics card has 1GB of video RAM then this would be about right and you will b e utilising all the RAM you have installed.

  Chronos the 2nd 11:15 08 Feb 2013

DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz his is what I was looking for. As you have not mentioned a budget I will do my best to keep costs down.

  Chronos the 2nd 12:02 08 Feb 2013




Both boards are 775, it is really quite difficult finding the motherboard to suit the ram,particularly when the RAM is DDR 2. Personally I would sell the DDR 2 RAM and move up to a DDR 3 motherboard.

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