64 bit processor?

  User-9DED590E-9C91-48B9-9C8B6815FFDD2261 23:21 02 Jan 2010

Hi all, looking for advice on choosing the best processor for a new PC. Read in another forum that I will need a 64 bit processor to fully utilise my 4Gbytes of RAM. Not sure whether this is totally accurate. I thought that 64 bit processor choice hinged upon what software (i.e. high end gaming) is to be used rather than anything to do with RAM usage efficiency.

All replied welcome and appreciated.


  User-312386 01:10 03 Jan 2010

Nearly all processors are 64bit nowadays! I think you are getting mixed up with the operating system and the processor! Yes for windows to fully utilise more than 3GB of Ram then you will need to use a 64bit operating system. If you buy windows 7 retail version it comes with 2 discs, 64bit and 32bit.

  mrwoowoo 01:13 03 Jan 2010

As madboy33©® rightly says, all CPU's from the AMD Sempron,Opteron and athlon 64 are 64 bit, along with the updated Pentium 4's around 2004.
All new processers are now 64bit, so whichever you purchase will be fine.

Thanks for the advice.

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