64 Bit OS

  mjf85 23:47 27 Feb 2005


I am looking at buying a Athlon 64 laptop, and i was wondering if i need a different version of XP, I have heared of XP-64 would i need this. The supplier i am looking at offers Xp with it but inwas going without it to save some money (being a student) but will this come back and get me later?

  LastChip 00:28 28 Feb 2005

There are very few applications that take advantage of the 64 bit architecture. Windows XP - 64, hasn't yet been released, however, the system is backward compatible with all the normal 32 bit architectures.

  Forum Editor 00:28 28 Feb 2005

to use the 64-bit version of Windows XP, but by all means do so if you wish. If you want to stick to the 32-bit version your computer will run perfectly well, and you won't see any disadvantage.

  hugh-265156 00:31 28 Feb 2005

the 64bit version of xp will not be available retail untill at least 2006 so i hear but you can download the beta version if you wish to try it click here may be very buggy though.

the normal 32bit version of xp will run just fine with an athlon 64.

  FelixTCat 09:20 28 Feb 2005

The only 64-bit operating system that you can sensibly run at the moment is Linux. Unless you already have some expertise in Linux, I wouldn't recommend it.

Win XP 64-bit will run on your laptop when it is released but will bring you no advantage anyway. Before you can reap the benefit, the software developers will have to release 64-bit versions. 32-bit versions will run, but probably more slowly than on 32-bit WinXP.

The real advantages of 64-bit come in addressing more memory - this will really only be valuable for operators of huge databases.

32-bit XP will run perfectly well on your laptop and will be supported for the foreseeable future - certainly the lifetime of that laptop.

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