64 bit laptops

  katedi 20:03 23 Apr 2005

Hello Everyone
A friend is looking for a new laptop, and we were wondering about getting a 64bit machine, so as to be ready for the new windows release.

does anyone know of any 64bit laptops that are currently available?

  TomJerry 20:16 23 Apr 2005

but, he may need to wait if he want Intel mobile 64 bit

  TomJerry 20:29 23 Apr 2005

Tiny Mediabook U64-3700+

Processor - AMD® Athlon 64 3700+ Processor

Memory - 1024MB DDR RAM (2x 512MB)

Hard Disk - 80GB Hard Disk

Graphics - 128MB ATi Radeon 9700 Pro Mobility Graphics

Optical drive - DVD-Rw / CD-Rw Multiformat DVD Burner Drive

Display - 15.4" WXGA TFT Screen (1280 x 800)

£899 click here

  pcguy 10:46 24 Apr 2005

Well amd is the best for desktops and intel is best for laptops.

  katedi 12:30 24 Apr 2005

Hi People
Thanks for the responses. The friend is a "she", and some of the laptops I have found with 64 bit are over 3kg in weight. Do you know of any lighter laptops?

  chriscars1 13:04 24 Apr 2005

Bought one of these click here a couple of months ago very nice no problems

  TomJerry 14:03 24 Apr 2005

Pentium-M CPU is thermally efficient, need less cooling and hence light

if you (or she) need light 64 bit laptop, you may need to wait for Intel and AMD's latest laptop CPUs, but prepare to pay top dollar for it

  woodchip 14:17 24 Apr 2005

If you need for mobile use, you need a Centrino, not a 64bit they are as a replacement for desktops. So they consume less space, but are heavy

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