60hertz or 75hertz Screen Refresh rate?

  dave726587 15:25 29 Jan 2009

60hertz or 75hertz Screen Refresh rate?

what is this and what does it do? i can set my monitor to 60 or 75 but by default its on 60, can someone please explain it to me please.


  Pamy 15:36 29 Jan 2009

In simple terms it's the number of times the monitor draws the picture on the screen per second. Usually the higher the rate the less flicker on the screen, but monitors are designed to run within a narrow band so I would stick to the default as damage can be done.

  Pamy 15:41 29 Jan 2009

click here and scroll down for better info

  dave726587 15:46 29 Jan 2009

thanks guys

  Stuartli 17:14 29 Jan 2009

If you have a TFT monitor, the default is normally 60MHz; however, it's best to use 85MHz with a CRT monitor to eliminate flicker for the vast majority of users.

You can check what combination of colour/resolution/refresh rates your on-board graphics or graphics card will support quite easily.

Right click on an empty area of the Desktop>Properties>Settings tab>Advanced button>Adapter tab>List All Modes button.

You can scroll through the combinations and, by highlighting what you require, set it with a left click - ensure that Windows doesn't need to be Rebooted for your choice to take effect.

  CurlyWhirly 02:24 30 Jan 2009

"If you have a TFT monitor, the default is normally 60Hz"
I have 3 options: 59 Hz, 60 Hz and 75 Hz on my TFT monitor.

I've set mine to 75 Hz but I can view the screen at 60 Hz with no perceivable flicker so would there be any advantage in selecting this rate?

Does it mean that the graphics card doesn't have to work so hard when gaming?

  ambra4 03:02 30 Jan 2009

“I have 3 options: 59 Hz, 60 Hz and 75 Hz on my TFT monitor”

The difference screen refresh rate is for difference voltage worldwide the standard refresh rate is

60hertz in the UK

Refresh Rate Information

click here

  €dstowe 08:47 30 Jan 2009

For me, with a CRT screen, the difference is between having a headache (60Hz) and not (higher refresh rates).

  woodchip 09:50 30 Jan 2009

Crt should not be set to less than 72Hz for above reason

  Stuartli 10:30 30 Jan 2009

A refresh rate of 72MHz or 75MHz can still cause problems with flicker for some people (one of my offspring for a start) - that's why I use/stated 85MHz with CRT monitorss to avoid the problem for the vast majority of users.

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