60 Trial of Norton Internet Security 2006

  mark mcc 10:28 15 May 2006

Does anyone know where i can get a 60 day trial of norton IS 2006.


Norton does not effect my system in anyway like slowing it down. The olny thing it does is protects me. So i would apreciate it if anyone didnt complain about it in here!.


  dagbladet 10:59 15 May 2006

The only place i've seen the free trial of Norton is with new PC's. BTW when I used Norton I was absolutely delighted with the way it slowed my computer down.

  jimv7 13:39 15 May 2006

avg from click here ite free and catches items norton misses.

avast is also free, both are less intrusive than norton and also neither changes windows system files as norton does.

  amonra 14:12 15 May 2006

Forget it and instal free AVG, less agro in the long run.

  mark mcc 17:17 15 May 2006

No offense guys but i likt to have full protection from a professional product instead of free ones

i dont see a slow-down in my system and i have 3 Pentium 4ht's at 3.40Ghz so i dont think that will slow down easily

thanks anyway i will just buy it


  Jimmy14 17:18 15 May 2006

and as usual forum members reply with comments to get the user to go with all these free Anti-viruses like Avast and AVG.

I know alot of people like them but I have had AVG for about a year and thought it was nothing great. Now I have norton and its perfect and suits my needs.


NIS 2006

  DieSse 18:35 15 May 2006

If you really want to, you can get a 15 day trial direct from the Symantec site - just click through Downloads and look for Trialware.

For the best professional AV solution, get NOD32 instead.

Faster, smaller, and far, far, superior heuristic performance (catching unknown viruses - protects against 95% more new and evolving threats than McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro).

Not free, but not too expensive either. 30-day free trial.

  961 18:42 15 May 2006

...why don't we just answer the guy's question?

Particularly in view of his quite reasonable PS

  mark mcc 18:45 15 May 2006

thanks 961 and diesse and jimmy14 some people listening and replying with programs that are not AVG, Avast , Zone Alarms Ect and answering my question

THANK YOU ---- Mark McC

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