6 in1 card reader woes

  beattyben 18:33 30 Apr 2003

Can anyone out there help.
I've just purchased a USB 2.0, 6 in 1 digital media card reader from 7dayshop.com. It didn't require software installation as WinXP recognised it. It downloaded 102 JPEG photos from a 64mb smartcard at amazing speed. I then deleted to contents of the card and my camera can't or won't recognise the card. Card Error message displayed. I have tried to format the card via the card reader with no joy. Please HELP

  powerless 19:25 30 Apr 2003

The problem is that you have deleted the pictures from the card reader and not deleted the pictures from the camera.

You should delete, format from the camera.

The card reader should only be used to READ.

Unless there is a way round this, i do not know of one...

You have a busted SmartMedia card - so you will have to get a new SM card :-(

  siouxah1 19:28 30 Apr 2003

When you formatted the card with your PC, which file system did you use? The file system for smartmedia etc is fat16. If you used fat32 try reformat using fat16.

It is always best to delete and format from a camera if possible.

Regards Brian j

  powerless 19:29 30 Apr 2003

oooo didn't know about FAT16 thanks for that.

  Rayuk 19:41 30 Apr 2003

I have a 6in1 Asus card reader and have used this to copy pictures and files and transfer them via a card reader on an Epson925 printer.They were deleted using the Asus reader but they are still recognised by my camera.[sony memory stick]Or is this just using smart media cards where the problem lies.??
Seems you are not alone with this problem
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  beattyben 18:27 06 Oct 2003

Further to my tale of woe back in April and having learnt an expensive lesson, I don't dare delete the contents of a smartmedia card via the card reader. I have been sucessfully downloading pictures via the card reader, until a few days ago, when the 128mb card now gives me a card error message as before. PLEASE can anyone out there HELP!!!!. What am I doing wrong?


  Jack D 18:44 06 Oct 2003

I use a Jessops single card reader (Compact Flash)
I simply move the files from the card to the HDD - the card is now empty but the files are recoverable from the card using woodchip's digipicture recovery programme. Never had a problem using the the 256 CF card.

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