56K Warning??

  Mad Ali 16:58 30 Mar 2006

Hi, I set up a site, created with the novice computer user in consideration, nothing too fancy. The only problem I think is that the content and the wbesite itself take rather long to load, so this is most probably goin to stop users from exloring the site and wont give them a chance to see what it has too offer. The website is click here. I could implement frames, but after research i found search engine robots arn't to fond of them. Any suggestions?

  beynac 17:48 30 Mar 2006

I can't get anything at all, in either Firefox or IE6.

  Mad Ali 18:16 30 Mar 2006

Hmm I don't why that is. I've tested it in FF, Op, and IE, works. I think bandwidth limitations have slowed it down.

  PurplePenny 22:15 01 Apr 2006

It appears to be just a list of downloads for phones. What is it that is aimed at the novice computer user and what else does the site have to offer?

I didn't look any further: too many pop-ups (of the annoying kind that get through Firefox's pop-up stopper) and there didn't seem to be anything beyond mobile phone ring tones.

It loaded fast enough. I'm on BB but on a very old PC which tends to slow things down.

If you really want the site to be taken seriously you need to get a proper domain. Free .tk domains are fine for hobby gaming or personal sites but not for commercial sites.

  Mr Mistoffelees 23:34 01 Apr 2006

Running Opera 9 all I get is a blank screen. The same in IE6.

  Forum Editor 23:37 01 Apr 2006

and a gmail address for your PayPal account name is hardly likely to impress your potential customers. In addition, under current UK consumer law you must provide a business identity and a postal address - as far as I can see you are doing neither.

Your site has far too many irritating pop-ups and animated content to be worth exploring fully, and frankly I couldn't wait to get away. If you want customers to stay and browse you'll needto calm the whole thing down, and improve the presentation considerably.

  Mad Ali 23:43 01 Apr 2006

purplepenny thanks for the constructive criticism. The site has more to offer than simply mobile phone download content, it also provides a secure selling location for sims and mobile telephones. Key emphasis was put on the navigational aspect and minimalist layout in fashion with today's more popular trends.

  Mad Ali 23:57 01 Apr 2006

forum editor you raise some good issues. Hopefully in future updates all the topics you mentioned will be identified and cleared. Thanks

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