56K Modem

  [DELETED] 12:18 23 Nov 2003

What is the fastest connection speed, normally delivered with a 56K modem on DUN?
Mine has recently increased from 44000bps to 52000bps. I see a big difference in downloads and wonder if this is due to the ISP server, BT wiring, or something with my PC or Win sttings?
What do you think?

  [DELETED] 12:38 23 Nov 2003

Thats about as good as you get. You'll never get 56bps.

  [DELETED] 12:46 23 Nov 2003

the fugure 56kbs = '56 kilo bits' i.e. 56000 bits per secound. So achieving 44000-52000 bits per secound is about right, and good for a dialup. It is very rare you will achieve better than this, as some of the speed is muted by error correction protocols.

Hope that helps a little understanding?

  [DELETED] 12:46 23 Nov 2003

ooppss secound=second

  [DELETED] 12:59 23 Nov 2003

arghhh I must get one of those keyboards that can spell.... fugure=figure

  [DELETED] 13:03 23 Nov 2003

It was what might have caused the increase that I was wondering over.

  [DELETED] 13:10 23 Nov 2003

all the people going over to BroadBand?... freeing up the local exchange routers? The same might be true for the ISP routers.

If your modem is V92 capable, it might also be that your ISP has just enabled their routers to accept the new protocol.

  [DELETED] 16:29 23 Nov 2003

Not complaining.

  Stuartli 18:03 23 Nov 2003

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  [DELETED] 19:35 23 Nov 2003

A very recent...
...similar thread:
But not my experience. Mines getting better.
A few years ago, I was only getting 33K and and complained to Tiscali. They gave me a different dial in number and I was quite happy with 44K. This change just happened recently. Coincides with an increase in charges??? As I said - not complaining. DGB

  woodchip 20:10 23 Nov 2003

It's not the connect speed as much as the will it keep connected at that speed. check the big download hear and see what the download speed is click the bottom file. click here

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