56k dial up! painfully slow these days - why

  second best 22:19 31 Jan 2003

has anyone noticed the severe slowdown in 56k dialup internet these days or is it just me. it's never been great, but i can almost, quite confidently say, that in the summer of last year, or maybe a little before, that my connection was twice as fast. my main concern is - are isp's deliberatley slowing down connections on 56k in-order to get them onto broadband? i hear BT were doing it, but that's just what i hear. is there a decent accelerartor out there, for free??

  second best 14:19 01 Feb 2003

bamfiesler, pcpitstop.com can tell you your ping if you're interested, as well as your hdd speed and memory etc. that's a very interesting statistic brucio! like i say, it was definitly faster early last year, and only since the rumours of customer slow down, ahs my connection suffered.

  Stuartli 14:36 01 Feb 2003

I'm with Tiscali 50, using a telephone line installed 38 years ago.

I have a cordless phone, two phone extensions, the answerphone and modem on extension cables and still consistently connect, first time, at 52k; unexpected disconnections are rare.

  Stuartli 14:39 01 Feb 2003

If you have AV software, only set it to check e-mails; this should speed up your connection a bit.

  jediknight007 15:26 01 Feb 2003

Well, I'm on BT Openworld and I only connect at speeds of 33.6Kbps but sometimes I'm lucky to get 45.2kbps or even luckier to get 44.Kbps. With the 2 higher speeds, I always hear some distortion in the dial-up sounds, like there is a bit of cracking noises in it. Anyways, webpages only load about 2 or so seconds faster with the 45.2kbps over the 33.6kbps. With the 33.6kbps, it never takes longer than 10 seconds to load a PCA page, even when downloading things. I know that might seem slow to other people but not for me and probably not for a 33.6kbps.

  second best 02:00 02 Feb 2003


  dougiez 08:21 02 Feb 2003

no problems with firenet, 45 - 50kps with 56k v92 windows xp, or 50+kps with 56k v90 on w 98 on old machine.
bt replaced line 3 months, because the line getting old and split, only could connect at 30kps at the best .
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