56k dial up! painfully slow these days - why

  second best 22:19 31 Jan 2003

has anyone noticed the severe slowdown in 56k dialup internet these days or is it just me. it's never been great, but i can almost, quite confidently say, that in the summer of last year, or maybe a little before, that my connection was twice as fast. my main concern is - are isp's deliberatley slowing down connections on 56k in-order to get them onto broadband? i hear BT were doing it, but that's just what i hear. is there a decent accelerartor out there, for free??

  BBez 22:34 31 Jan 2003

u got to appreicate that people r signing up for an account every day which is causin' an overall slowdown in general, Bring On BROADBAND to the smaller areas...

  second best 22:37 31 Jan 2003

well, if that's the case, i guess i'm screwed. anything on an accelerator?

  Pumas 22:46 31 Jan 2003

I have had problems with a dramatic slowdown in dialup.

I checked the modem, drivers and ISP but nothing was different or not working.

But then I realised that there was a slight crackle on my phone line. This was interfering with the modem and causing the slowdown.

It's probably just for the reasons already given given that your connection has slowed down but it might help listening carefuly when on the phone. Even a slight fault on the line could make all the difference.


  woodchip 23:27 31 Jan 2003

No probs hear on BT NTL321

  Border View 23:30 31 Jan 2003

No probs here with Lineone and BT

  Nosmas 00:00 01 Feb 2003

I have had a lot of problems tonight. First of all I could only get a connection @ 2400bps. Then got timed out trying to download emails. Connected again this time @4800bps. Disconnected and re-dialled ISP on alternative number and got connection @ 40000bps.

Also had problems trying to dial Tech Support at my ISP. Think they must have problems their end as I was only able to download 7 out of 9 emails before getting timed out again!! It's been over three hours since I left message for TS to call me back.

  brucio 06:55 01 Feb 2003

YES! ABSOLUTELY! The ISPs ARE DELIBERATELY slowing the dial-up people because of the reason you say-that they are doing it to get us to sign up for broadband...

It's no use saying there are more people signing up for the dial-up connections; by their own figures, the ISP companies are trumpeting that a quarter of all previous dial-ups are now connected by broadband-which should mean that there are 25 per cent LESS dial-up connections...
Shouldn't that mean that the connection speed would be FASTER, not slower?

How many times do you have to dail up before you can even get connected? My record is FIVE times in a row.

How soon is it before the connection is suddenly, without warning, broken? My record is three minnutes.

How many times does the speed drop to the point where that dreaded "This page cannot be displayed..." message appears, even when your system is telling you that you're still connected?

I posted a thread late last year about this, and received 39 replies....

...and my phone connection has just gone off!
I will have to dial up again just to send this reply.....

  bamfiesler 09:11 01 Feb 2003

I agree with Bbez; loadsa people are signing up for unmetered access. I regularly connect at 48k (virgin net), but recently have am failing to connect, sometimes up to ten times. This, I think, is just volume of usage. However, just 'cos u connect at 48k doesn't mean the upload/download speeds will stay at that. There is a site u can go to to check what you're getting... can't remember it, tough. Sorry ;-/

  anchor 09:18 01 Feb 2003

As I am broadband, I only occasionally need to connect via ordinary 56k dial up. I do this about weekly to make changes to my web site on Freenetname.

I have not noticed any reduction in connection speed, usually connecting at 48k. I live in NW London, if that makes a difference.

  second best 14:13 01 Feb 2003

ok. so it seems we could all be right. i usually connect at 52kbps, but to look at the internet icon to the lower right of the screen, the figures don't move. i would like to do a lot more online gaming, and i have resorted to writing down my ip address each time i connect to the game service (as it is different each time) to try and find a stable address. as i mentioned in my first thread, i heard BT had sent a memo to all employees instructing them to slow down regular users of 56k. if this is true, there must be something we can do. the game i'm talking about is Ghost Recon. they have three seperate mission packs to buy, and it seems they also must've slowed down their server on each of the previous mission packs in order to get ppl to buy the latest pack, which worked, coz i got it. more the fool me i suppose. i sense a conspiracy. they should not have the right to slow down our connection, but of course, i don't know they do for certain.

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