5.25 floppy drive

  Ex plorer 19:41 19 Apr 2006

Hi I have an old Pent 1 Dell 120T I popped a oldish 5.25 floppy drive into it.
It’s a 1.2MB unit but the PC can’t Format the DD Floppy Disks. Is it possible the PC is not suited or two young or old. The Bios dose have the settings for it as well as the 750K.


  Ex plorer 20:40 19 Apr 2006

Forgot to mention running DOS 6.2 Win 3.11

  keith-236785 21:01 19 Apr 2006

if the disks can be read then i would think its some form of disk protection, on a 3½" floppy you move the plastic tab on the back, but im not sure about 5½" drives. there has to be something similar to prevent overwriting the disk.

or it might be that the protection is a break out tab (like the video cassette), which you need to cover with a bit of selotape or something similar.

  namtas 21:16 19 Apr 2006

I don't recall ever having any sort of write protection on the 5.25 floppy. If the floppies are scratch diskette ie fresh out of the box then they should format with Format A: for a hard disk system or Format B: for a dual-diskette system.

  Fellsider 21:59 19 Apr 2006

Wasn't it a stick on silver tab or something?

can vaguely remember them at work in the early 1990's

  bloo meeny 22:11 19 Apr 2006

Almost, Fellsider

"sticky paper tabs are folded over the notch in the side of a 5¼-inch disk to prevent the computer from writing data to the disk"

click here for more

  keverne 22:12 19 Apr 2006

You've got to cover up a little square notch on one side of the disk if I remember correctly.

  Ex plorer 23:02 20 Apr 2006

Hi thanks all you got me sorted.

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