52 speed CD Writer burning

  HighTower 13:41 09 Sep 2003


A friend of mine has a 52 speed writer. As I am unfortunate enough to have the services of a humble 4 speed one I wonder if anyone can confirm that you have to be careful which CD's you use to burn at a full 52 speed.

He has given some CD's to friends which have crashed their computers. If he burns at a slower speed (like 16x) would this help.


  TommyRed 13:55 09 Sep 2003

Mine burns at 48x and I just use ASDA cheapie CD's, up to now no problem. TR

  BarryKeith 17:48 09 Sep 2003

The CD's have to be capable of being burnt at the higher speed. Most burners will detect the maximum speed capability of the CD and adjust the rate accordingly, but you can still find errors occurring, so it is best to set it to burn at a slower speed than maximum for a particular CD to ensure the best possible recording.

  pj123 18:03 09 Sep 2003

It is the CD disk itself that governs the write speed. For example a CD Disk with a maximum speed of 24x won't write at 52x. I always set my write speed one below the highest speed on the CD disk. The same applies to CD/RW disks, but I never write to a CD/RW faster than 4x

  Stuartli 20:08 09 Sep 2003

You wouldn't drive your car flat out all the time and the same applies to CD-R and CD-RW media.

It's best to deliberately burn at one speed below your media's capabilities i.e 24x burn for a 32x CD-R and so on.

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