512MB PC133 SDRAM or 256MB PC2100 DDR RAM?

  jediknight007 20:43 08 Feb 2003

Hi, after managing to complete my second PC, I had to give a Kingston 128MB PC100 SDRAM stick to my old PC and now I am left with a 256MB PC133 SDRAM stick (don't know manufacturer). I have an ECS K7S5A motherboard which means that I can buy either from above. If I get the 512MB PC133 SDRAM stick, I will still have to give my 256MB to my other PC so that it will have 384MB. Therefore, there is no chance of me having 768MB PC133 SDRAM which would be nice!

I have found both to be approximately the same price but which will be faster? I do the occasional things like work, surfing and downloading stuff and playing games but I don't strive for the super duper fast gameplay like many people do (you know, the radeon 9700pro, pentium 4 3ghz, 1GB DDR RAM people). With the 512MB SDRAM, it will basically be half of the maximum that I can hold on my motherboard and would therefore make sense in the SDRAM terms and I can then add another 512MB sometime later.

With the 256MB DDR, I will be fast forwarding to the 21st century and can totally leave SDRAM behind and concentrate on getting DDR RAM later in the future but it's likely that the 512MB DDR will cost the same as 256MB but the middle of the year and it would be better to get that instead.

  « Ravin » 21:25 08 Feb 2003

IMHO for basic computer use, 256 mb ram would be more than enough in my opinion so i suggest that you get the ddr ram wich is theoretically twice as fast as sd ram.

so give your old computer the 256 mb ram ( probably will give it a power boost? ) and use the ddr ram for the new computer :o)

  jongun 21:29 08 Feb 2003

DDR is yes theoretically twice as fast as SD RAM. However this isn't the case when it comes to practice and the overall performance increase is between 20 - 40%. SO if you want more RAM then u will notice more difference with 512MB SD RAM (133) than 256 DDR.

  jediknight007 22:31 08 Feb 2003


  Patr100 22:52 08 Feb 2003

I agree with jongun. DDR is in theory twice as fast as SD Ram , in practice not so. Assuming you are running XP which will be happy with 512 + but if you plan to add to your Ram in future it likely that DDR will be easier to source, though I doubt that SDRam will not be available, it is possible that it could become much more expensive than DDRam in future due to economies of scale as DDR becomes standard choice for new PCs.

  « Ravin » 05:13 09 Feb 2003

looks like i'm in the minority! lol but i'd like to support my claim again. i was running windows xp on my machine with 256 mb ddr ram and it was running marvelously. use it mainly for uni work, surfing and play a lot of games. then i thought i'd upgrade to 512 and i did and i hardly noticed any difference :( making me wonder if i should have upgraded since ddr was a bit high priced that time. can only see the difference when i play some game that really demands a lot of resources. but other than that its ok.

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