512mb memory or not

  conquistador 19:48 03 Aug 2004

I have a Packard bell iconnect 1275 with a celeron 810 chipset.It is a Houston 3+ motherboard, i currently have 2 128mb memory sticks in. I have information saying i can have 256 in each or 512 in 1. But i have been informed by a shop that the iconnect 1275 can only go up to 256 full stop. Can anyone shed any light on this confusion as i would like to go up to 512 in one stick. Also is PC100 similar to PC133, would they both work fine.

  sidecar sid 19:54 03 Aug 2004

Maximum memory would appear to be 256mb.

click here

  conquistador 20:06 03 Aug 2004

see this click here

  sidecar sid 20:33 03 Aug 2004

Interesting,it may well be that you would have great difficulty obtaining the 128 bit memory that you require,i honestly don't know.

Good luck Sid.

  Chegs ® 21:08 03 Aug 2004

I would tend to agree with Crucial,they aren't the No.1 RAM suppliers for nothing,but there again,I have already got 2xPC133 256Mbs RAM modules so I would give 'em a go to see what would happen.After all,it can only boot OK or bleep forlornly. :-)

Mixing PC100/133 RAM isn't recommended,the RAM will only operate at the slowest sticks speed,and the inconsistencies with RAM need only be very slight to create a very unstable system.

  GuyR 23:53 03 Aug 2004

if they say its OK and it then appears to be incorrect, I believe they will reund the monies anyway (part of their guarantee)

  conquistador 14:46 10 Sep 2004

Just for the record, i emailed crucial and they said i could go up to 512mb -256 in each. I bought two sticks and installed them and they work perfectly and show up as 512mb on my system.
Really improved speed and i only paid £33 off ebay. Thanks for everyones help.

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