512 mb or 1024 is there much difference?

  charlton200 16:15 24 Aug 2004

On the new computer I am getting there is
512 mb pc3200 ddr memory 444mhz of ram,

IS this quite sufficient for normal internet stuff + gaming or should I pay the extra £100 to upgrade to

1024 pc3200 ddr 400mhz of ram.

Any advice would be helpful.


  Rigga 16:29 24 Aug 2004

More RAM the better, especially for newer games, like Doom3 or UT2K4.

Although, I wouldn't pay Mesh's (I take it this is the same machine your mentioned in other posts) inflated price of £100, to purchase an extra 512mb.

Go here, click here £60 inc VAT. And it's really easy to fit.

Also on the subject, if you only get the 512mb in your ordered machine, make sure they supply one 512mb module and not 2x256mb modules. (They will accomodate this, if you ask when ordering)


  Totally-braindead 17:10 24 Aug 2004

I must admit I don't know if it makes much difference at all, the scores I've seen with Wordbench and the sort registers an increase of less than 5%, whether its better for games I just don't know but I agree with Rigga make sure you specify 1 512mb RAM chip rather than 2 256mb chips.

  charlton200 17:26 24 Aug 2004

HI Rigga,

Yes it is sort of the same one, but they changed the details because 1024 mb of ram was included and now it is not.

Doom 3 is the game my wife most wants to play.

If I get mesh's 1024 does it come in 1024 or 2x 512.Or do I have to ask.

I do not fancy doing it my self as I have never had the back off a computer and have not got a clue.

Could you remind me what graphics card would you suggest for doom 3 etc. (Not the very expensive ones though)
This is the computer I will proberly order.
click here
This is it before the upgrades.
click here

Thanks for all your advise,


  Rigga 17:47 24 Aug 2004

The Mesh's memory may come as 2x256mb, and 1x512mb modules, which limits the upgrades you can do. It definitely will NOT come as 1x1024 module.

I would ask when ordering and specify 2x512mb modules. You can ask about 1x1024mb module, but i doubt they will do it and if they do it will come at a premium.

The now mid range GfxCard I would go for is the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, only an extra £60.

Although on this GfxCard, Doom3 will not run with all the settings on full, but it will run if you turn down the details, and run at fairly low resolutions, of say 1024x768.


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