512 bit router encryption

  enner100 08:51 06 Nov 2005

Is it possible to get a router with 512 bit encryption? I have been told by a friend you can get routers with 512 encryption but I can't seem to find one.

I have and ADSL Internet connection (from Pipex) and use an Alcatel 330 USB modem. I need to share the connection between 2 PC’s only. I am looking for a wired modem as I do not trust the security of the wireless modems.

Features I am looking for are

512 bit encryption
Easy to configure
Peer to peer friendly

  enner100 09:23 06 Nov 2005

Sorry I mean I am looking for a wired router not modem.

  PaulB2005 12:47 06 Nov 2005

Why would you need encryption on a wired network? No wireless router I've set up has ever used encryption for the WIRED PCs only the WIRELESS.

In order for someone to intercept any traffic on a wired connection they would have to physically break into your house.

  De Marcus™ 13:34 06 Nov 2005

512 bit encryption?

Are you worried the files from MI5 might be nicked off your pc?

Joking aside, I can't imagine why you would ever want such a high level of encryption when even 64 bit would take someone with a high degree of skill, time and patience to crack, which is only rewarding for such a person if highly sensisitive data is on your machine - which I doubt.

  enner100 19:19 06 Nov 2005

Ok I do not have sensitive data but why not get the best encryption available? I did not explain myself properly.
What I meant to say is I only have software firewall. I want to start using a hardware firewall. I also want the firewall to have a router as well.

  PaulB2005 19:25 06 Nov 2005

"why not get the best encryption available?"

Because on a WIRED router you will not be using it!

"I also want the firewall to have a router as well."

It's the other way round. The Router has a firewall built in. Most do.

I can't find any 512 bit wired routers but then again wired routers don't use encryption as far as i can tell. The encryption is just to protect WIRELESS connections where anyone can pick up the connection. Not a problem with WIRED networks.

  enner100 19:45 06 Nov 2005

Sorry is this better? What I want is a hardware firewall with router that has 512 bit encryption.

I want to stop using my crap software firewall.

Sorry for being such a newbie.

  De Marcus™ 19:46 06 Nov 2005

Ah, so your after a router with a built in firewall?

  De Marcus™ 19:49 06 Nov 2005

I've never come across a wired router with any kind of encryption. There's simply no need for it, the firewall does all to protect you from malicous access, and can be password protected for added safety.

  mgmcc 19:49 06 Nov 2005

<<< wired routers don't use encryption as far as i can tell. >>>

Absolutely right. In fact *Routers* themselves don't use encryption. It is the "Wireless Access Point" built into a wireless router that supports encryption, in order to prevent the data sent over the wireless link from being usable should it be intercepted.

  enner100 19:49 06 Nov 2005

Yes. Sorry for not explaining myself better. I want to stop using my crap software firewall.

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