5.1 surround using stereo red & white ports

  jimdee79 11:30 13 Feb 2006


i have my pc connected to my dvd player directly from the soundcard to the red and white stereo aux ports on the dvd player. To get sound i then switch my DVD player to aux mode.

My dvd player is a 5.1 surround sound system with its own speakers. Is there any way of getting 5.1 surround sound from content that is playing on my pc thru the 5.1 surround sound speakers with the DVD player?

I think this is probably impossible as the sound is only coming to the DVD player from my PC in stereo and through 2 wires.


  gudgulf 12:03 13 Feb 2006

the only way is if your soundcard has a digital output and there is a matching digital input on the DVD player.

That way the raw signal from the content on the pc will be decoded by the DVD player and should then go through the 5.1 surround speakers (assuming the source is 5.1 encoded)

Other than that you are stuck with stereo with your present set-up.

Is the soundcard 5.1 compatible? If so could you not just plug the speakers directly into the pc?

  jimdee79 12:17 13 Feb 2006

how would i find out if my sound card is 5.1 compatible? I have a sigma tel onboard graphics chip which i dont like very much and intend on changing soon but when i bought the pc it did mention 5.1 surround compatible sound...

  fazer 13:07 13 Feb 2006


I've read your original post several times and still can't understand what you are trying to do. Why do you want your DVD player to decode the DVD playing in your computer - why not just play the disk in the DVD player? Am I missing something here?

To answer the one question though,if you look at your soundcard sockets, one may say line-out. This line out can then be connected to a dolby/thx decoder which in turn can drive several speakers. There are several packages around with the decoder unit built inside the subwoofer. Buy very carefully though - sound quality can be abysmal from "computer-use" speakers - compared to HiFi speakers anyway.

  jimdee79 14:50 13 Feb 2006

the reason i want to do this is bacause if i have a film stored on my hard drive that offers 5.1 surround sound i can then use my widescreen TV as a monitor and i just wanted to be able to get 5.1 surround from something stored on my hard drive...

thats all

  fazer 15:59 13 Feb 2006

jimdee 79

Fair enough!

Hope you don't mind me stating this, but I personally would invest in a DVD burner, copy whatever you have on your hard drive, then play it in your dedicated DVD player.

I know I'll probably open a can of worms here but I do firmly belive that pound for pound in respect of picture quality and certainly sound, a decent dedicated DVD player is far more efficient (read superior) than a computer. Obviously this does depend on hardware costs but I think in your case, by the time you buy a top-end sound card and top-end speakers you might as well stick to your DVD player.

  jimdee79 17:42 13 Feb 2006

ok that does make more sense and i do have a dvd burner... what is the best file format to use in order to burn a movie to dvd? At the moment the movie is an avi file which probably means that its not in 5.1 surround anyway?


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