5.1 speakers and sound cards

  jospar 18:43 25 Aug 2003

I'm looking to get 5.1 speakers, I am looking in the £40 - £60 price range. At the moment I'm using the on-board sound card on my Asus P4B266 c-media, so this restricts my connection to line in/out and mic. But I have also S/PDIF on PCI card.

Any suggestions/advice

Also how can I tell if ordering over the net, if connection will match what I've got, quaility of sound ect.

  mark500 18:51 25 Aug 2003

Get a dedicated 5.1 soundcard for starters. As for speakers I use Yamaha TSS-1's. Bloody Awesome sound.

  Demora 19:07 25 Aug 2003

You could also go to Creatives website and look for support, download the user manual for 5.1 speakers 5300 (these are about £50 if troll the net. BUT having the manual would show you the connections you need.

I have the SB 5.1 speakers mentioned and also the Audgy 1 sound card. BUT I had to download another piece of software to go with em. Good though


  obbit 19:36 25 Aug 2003

i have the same as Demora. got em working straight away no problems. good sound and remote volume control. if you get 5.1 speakers do them justice with a good sound card. either sound blaster audigy or extigy, which has pc front panel controls and remote control.

  jospar 21:22 25 Aug 2003

Looking good for the creatives,

The main use is for music while I work. Power/out put isn't really high on the list due to being my office/computer romm is only 3x 2 metres, so it won't take a lot of out put to be loud!

I had hoped to get the speakers first, then think about up-grading my sound card.

  Webmaster 22:11 25 Aug 2003

There's nothing wrong with the Sound Blaster Live 5.1 Digital - it works a dream with my Creative Labs 5.1 5300 Speakers. With the 5300 speakers, you are in for the most riveting Dolby 5.1 home theater experience at an unbelievable price.

  Ironman556 23:07 25 Aug 2003

Got onboard 5.1 sound (on Asus A7N8X) and Logitech Z640 speakers. Great sound for Cd's, games, DVD's the lot (and in my opinion lok better than the Creative's). £69.00. click here

  jospar 20:02 26 Aug 2003

Checked the creative home site, and downloaded the manual. Not very clear but it seems that it is a three line input.

Still pondering weather to get both, creative home site, did a nice little deal with soundblaster card and SB5100 speakers for £80 all toll. But are the 5100 as good as 5300?

  obbit 20:26 26 Aug 2003

i have no experience of the 5100 speakers but you only get what you pay for, so i would go for 5300 if i were you.

  jospar 21:32 26 Aug 2003

I know!

It's not like buying a stack system where you can go into the shop and listen to different set-ups, and then decide.

The ones that I really like, the creative masterworks (I think) are near £300, and even with my birthday just over a week away, there is no way I'm going to convince hubby to part with that sort of money for my speakers.

Thats one of the reasons why I really wanted to sort the speakers first, and then work on the sound card after.

You've got to trend wisely,

  powerless 21:42 26 Aug 2003

Are you after a soundcard as well?

Here are my matches, they make a lovely couple...

There'll be cheaper prices out there...

Sound Blaster® Audigy? Player - 5.1 Sound click here makes good sound with Creative® Inspire? 5.1 5100 click here

This is my setup = click here with these speakers Creative® Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 click here

You could go all the way - Sound Blaster® Audigy? 2 with 6.1 sound Creative® Inspire? 6.1 6700 click here

I also believe Creative have a 7.1 sound card, just depends on how you value sound.

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