5.1 speakers - no sound from rear

  Air_Man 15:46 14 May 2006

Hi all,

I have a set of Logitech 530 5.1 speakers, working from te onboard sound of an Asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard.

I have a real problem getting the rear two speakers working. They do work (when connected to one of the front connectors) and I think I had this problem once before and fixed it by changing a setting somewhere.

I have been through all the software that I have related to audio but can't find the setting anywhere. The ASUS audio control software says that the hardware is connected ok, but on the 5.1 test, nothing when it indicates it should be playing the rear speakers!

Anyone got any thoughts?

  BurrWalnut 16:08 14 May 2006

Just a thought but have you checked in Control Panel, Sounds and Audio, Volume Tab, Advanced at the bottom, that Speakers Tab is set to 5.1?

  johnnyrocker 16:55 14 May 2006

does the logitech come with it's own audio management confuguration?, if so you could check there also.


  Air_Man 17:54 14 May 2006

BurrWalnet - the only option for "Advanced" in th standard Windows "Wolume Control" dialog is under the "Microphone" slider. I thought there used to be one under "Volume Control" and this is where I thought there was the setting I originally changed.

Jonny - as far as I aware there is no separate management for the speakers (I don't think it even came with a CD).

  Air_Man 18:20 14 May 2006

Sorry all. After a bit more fiddling with the connections, it appears I was pluging the black jack into the black socket (labelled side)!? When I plugged it into the white pocket (labelled "rear") it worked!

I should have thought more about the text than the "helpful" colour coding.

Thx all.

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