5.1 Sound, C & R speakers not working...kinda!

  powerless 17:13 06 Feb 2003

Creative SB Audigy Sound Card which connects to Creative Soundworks Inspire 5.1 5700 speakers.

Windows XP...

All speakers do work.

However in the creative test. Only the left and right front speakers work. There is no output from the Centre speaker and the Rear speakers.

When i play music, all speakers are outputting...

When i play a DVD, all speakers are outputting...

When i play a computer game with the optional 5.1 sound, i get no sound through the centre and rear speakers.

Now as the creative test shows that the centre speaker and rear speakers do not output anything. There has to be a setting somewhere.

Trouble is i cannot find it, to enable sound to come through the centre and rear speakers.

Anyone know where it is and point me in the right direction?

(p.s. did search for this but nothing)

  Djohn 17:20 06 Feb 2003

Sounds (sorry) as though you are set up for stereo in the software, need to select 5.1 and enable, SPDIF.

  lacker 17:21 06 Feb 2003

Are you running 'Windows media player',or creatives own 'playcentre'I have found the settings for one do not work on t'other.In fact when running media player under 5.1 no amount of inducement will make it operate my centre speaker.No problem at all with 'playcentre'.

  powerless 17:32 06 Feb 2003

Wheres the SPDIF option?

Windows media player and creative playcentre put sound through all speakers.

  Djohn 17:37 06 Feb 2003

Er! just found it when I was looking for your answer.

Double clock on speaker Icon in sys.tray, then options/properties and it should be in one of the little white boxes in scroll down menu, place a tick in it.

  powerless 17:47 06 Feb 2003

Not the SPDIF.

I dont get that in any drop down menu :-(

  Djohn 17:48 06 Feb 2003

When I go into my soundblaster 5.1 software and select Test, I am able to click on an Icon of each speaker in turn and receive a voice saying which speaker it is.

All speakers will work in this test. But if I am playing a music CD, then I only get sound from the front L/R and base, (This is correct) some games are also only in stereo.

Other games and most modern movies will give 5.1 sound and you will hear the sound from each speaker as it is laid out in the original recording.

Taking into account the above, it is also possible to hear stereo sound from all speakers if you select pseudo surround from the software.

  Djohn 17:53 06 Feb 2003

SPDIF, Sometimes goes under a different name, is something to do with digital sound and will come through your IDE cables rather than the Vol. connectors from you Drive to your sound card/Motherboard.

I'm now more confused than you and need some help with this. :o(

  powerless 18:07 06 Feb 2003

Ok i'm getting nothing now in my games...Only stereo, when i should be getting the 5.1 .

  Djohn 18:09 06 Feb 2003

Powerless :o(

  powerless 18:31 06 Feb 2003

Anyone else?

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