5.1 Multimedia PC Speaker Setup, how?

  toon_mad 15:27 30 Oct 2008

Ive had these speakers for some time now and can only use 2 of them. I want to use all 5 but how?

1) from control panel i have these options, which one should i use?
-> Speakers
high definition audio device (not plugged in)
2) headphones (obviously not!)
3) Digital Output device (SPDIF)
high definition audio device
4) Speakers
SB Audigy (working and currently being used)
5) Digital Audio Interface
SB Audigy (working)

then theres the question of what cable goes where? I have on the bottom (back of tower) green (currently connected), black, pinky, blue. Further up the tower i have pink, blue and green (in no order for any of those)

Where to start, any good guides or help would be appreciated very much.

Thanks in advance

  Technotiger 15:59 30 Oct 2008

I also have a SoundBlaster Audigy2 sound card and 5.1 speakers. If you installed the cards software you should have everything at your fingertips from the Speaker icon in the System tray at the bottom near the clock.

  Technotiger 16:10 30 Oct 2008

PS - you should not need to use the coloured sockets on the upper part of the back of the Tower case - all my cables from the five speakers are colour coded and match the connections on the back of the big Woofer/speaker, and from this a Green cable goes to the sound card at the back of the case - all the sockets on the sound card are also colour coded, you just match the colours of cables to sockets.

On the back of my Sound card I have 3 Line-outs, No. 1 (Green)to Front spkrs, No 2 (Black)to Rear spkrs, No 3 (Orange)to Sub-woofer - Pink is for Microphone, next to the mic is Line in (from my hifi), next to that is Digital out, not used.

I hope this helps.

  toon_mad 17:57 30 Oct 2008

Thanks technotiger, will give it ago now...

  toon_mad 18:49 30 Oct 2008

My wires arnt color coded at all, here is some pics i uploaded to imageshack. I forgot to add one of the wires in the pic, it has 1 black end (from speaker big box thing to tower, and the other end has a red lead, and a black one similiar to the ones shown in the pic (white) which go into the woofer box thing.

Am i missing some cables or something, i have no clue how to get them working for 5.1!

Cheers, not sure how long the images stay on imageshack however, so any speedy resolve is much appreciated thanks ;)

click here

click here

click here

click here

  toon_mad 18:54 30 Oct 2008

p.s the picture with the colored wires, and a seperate orange one im not sure if they are even for the speakers, it came seperate with my pc (speakers bought seperate), so i think they are not needed.

  Technotiger 19:38 30 Oct 2008

As far as I can tell from your pics -

1. In top section, use only Pink - for Mic.

2. Bottom section (your sound card)
Orange (Woofer), Black (Rear spkrs), Green (Front spkrs), these are your line-outs to the Speakers.

3. Blue is Line-in (from , for instance HiFi)

Marked on back of Woofer? ...

1. Left-hand pair of sockets - don't use.

2. Centre Set of six sockets, use as shown if you do have 5 spkrs and 1 woofer. Otherwise do not use.

3. Right-hand set of five sockets, use as shown if you do not have woofer.

Read this carefully and it might make sense!

  toon_mad 19:50 30 Oct 2008

So do i need to use the multi colored end wires shown in the pic, or are they seperate? Because they didnt come with the speakers, they came in my Asus box with the new build PC.


  Technotiger 19:57 30 Oct 2008

No, you can forget them as they did not come with your speakers.

  toon_mad 20:03 30 Oct 2008

Ok, well now im confused.

The 5 speakers can only connect to the back of the woofer box, which leaves only the other cable (it has one side with 1 black end, and the other side with 2 ends, 1 black,1 red). So im not sure what to put where, the only thing that seems possible at the moment is all the speakers (with white ended cable) go in the middle 6 sockets, is this what you meant?

Sorry for a lack of understanding, this is something of a confuzzle to me :)

  toon_mad 20:17 30 Oct 2008

.."3.5mm to Phono.. You should have 3.."

The black is the same, but the white and red are not, mine have these trim things around the end,

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