504 gateway timeout.

  applecroc 18:07 06 Nov 2003

Today has just been impossible. The message 504 gateway timeout keeps coming up and can't get on to any pages. Can anyone help?

  Jester2K II 18:40 06 Nov 2003

Well without any info like your ISP, Windows version, Browser, Anti virus, Firewall, Connection Type etc etc it'll be a long wait for any advise....

  wiznyme 19:01 06 Nov 2003

If it's happening with all sites contact your ISP and ask if they're having problems at the moment.

  applecroc 21:04 06 Nov 2003

Hi ,We are with Freeserve, have windows xp,Browser is Internet explorer, and this has just started today. It is not every site , Different family members are finding it is different things. Yahoo mail, MSN hotmail.greetings. Not sure about firewall. Thanks.Sorry to be so long but had to nip out, earlier.

  wiznyme 18:45 07 Nov 2003

504 gateway timeout means that your computer or another network device between your computer and the server it's trying to access didn't receive a response from the upstream within the timeframe it's been set to allow.

If it's happening on multiple sites the problem is either a poor connection on your system (once you've got this message do you have to reconnect to the internet ?) or an intermittent problem with your ISP.

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