5 shared IRQ's. this can't be right??

  second best 04:28 02 Apr 2003

hi, i have 5 devices sharing irq 11. these are:
modem, g/c, firewire, and 2 usb host controllers. my comp keep s locking up. could this be the cause. i know that eack device should have it's own irq, unless!!!???

  DAICAP 06:47 02 Apr 2003

IRQ can be shared I have four devices sharing IRQ 10 and another four sharing IRQ 11 This is quite normal as there are not enough IRQ's available for each device to have its own.

  second best 19:42 02 Apr 2003

there are 15 irq's. as far as i know, g/c should have its own.

  second best 19:44 02 Apr 2003

can i manually re-assign them?

  Stuartli 21:12 02 Apr 2003

Have you set Windows to assign IRQs automatically?

  second best 15:50 03 Apr 2003

i don't know. how would i check that.

  second best 15:55 03 Apr 2003

it states that each device MUST have it's own IRQ!! i know this to be true of the g/c coz i read it somewhere a while back.

  A15 16:21 03 Apr 2003

I run a Windows 2000 system & a Windows XP system
on the Windows 2000 system I have 5 devices sharing the same IRQ. This system is an older system & the IRQ sharing has something to do with the HAL. I cannot remember what this stands for, but somebody in here will be able to explain it better! I do know that the HAL is responsible for organizing your hardware & assigning IRQ's etc. In Windows 2000 I cannot manually assign IRQ's unless I instruct the OS to install a different HAL during installation. I cannot assign manual IRQ's even if I tell the bios to set them manually.

I know that later systems, such as my XP system, use something called virtual IRQ's (more than 15) thus allowing each component to have it's own IRQ. Like I say I am sure somebody with a more technical grasp can explain it better. All I know is I was reading about this recently when I had a conflict on my old system & could not do anything about it. I had to cure the problem by moving the device to another PCI slot so it could be assigned another IRQ. Hope this makes some kind of sense to somebody, cos im not sure it does to me! :-)

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