5 point 9" multi-touch screen replacement?

  allsortsmg 18:29 09 Jul 2014

Hi, I have a Noza tec tablet 9" with a broken screen. Seems its a non standard touch screen (5 point) ........where can I get a replacement please? I've tried an ebay replacement, but those generic replacements are different -they have 16 points up the side and 28 across the bottom, whereas mine has 12 up the side and 23 along the bottom - result being after installing it's not calibrated to the led display hence touching appears in wrong place on display.

Any advice appreciated?

Thanks, Mick

  Woolwell 19:42 09 Jul 2014

For the price of them on ebay it may be easier and cheaper to buy a replacement tablet.

  SparkyJack 09:53 10 Jul 2014

As/with woolwell

More and more 'No user serviceable'parts inside ' rules today

Even more costly items going that way simply because the technology changes so rapidly stocking spares for repair is a no no

So bin it(or keep it to 'play with) and get the next one.

If cheap is what you go for, take a look at 'Morgan computers' website. Last weeks 'tech' at silly prices.

I've used them for many years for a sorts of electronic gizmo's

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