4x4x24 cdrw speed?

  dfghjkl 22:05 08 Jul 2003

i have just looked up spec for my cdrw and found it is 4x4x24 is this very slow by todays speeds? i notice from adverts they are now 52x52x24 this seems a lot differant to mine but just how better would it be.i am considering my first self build ie new mobo etc,i have got a new dvd drive but the cdrw is 2 & half years old i had not planned to change it,but i am sure you will advise me,i only use it for burning i find it fast enough,i use dvd drive for everything else.dvd is 16x and 48xcd.thanks

  Quiller. 22:12 08 Jul 2003

Yes it is slow by todays standards.

If it does the job you want, then keep it. Use it till it drops to bits. Prices are dropping nearly every week. Installation of programmes will be fine with the 48x dvd drive.

Look at your cdrw writing software, check for an update. One thing you should have no worrys with is buffer underrun. lol

  Patr100 22:25 08 Jul 2003

I recently changed from a 4X to 48X as well as the speed I find my new Liteon CDW much more reliable than my older Iomega for writing and reading but if you are happy with what you have, fine.

  dfghjkl 22:26 08 Jul 2003

i usually use real player or windows media player for burning everything are these ok?or should i be using nero etc.i find real and wmp very easy to use

  Megatyte 22:31 08 Jul 2003

If you're happy with what you're using then why change?. If you do decide to change your software then I'd recommend Nero.


  keith-236785 23:14 08 Jul 2003

i have upgraded my 4 x 4 x 24 cd rewriter to a 32x10x40x16 combo cd/rw and dvd drive, it used to take an hour to copy for example Windows 98 at single speed (only speed it would copy at without errors), now its about 10 mins at 16xspeed. i also found that with the first drive, it was so proccessor hungry, my system was unusable for a full hour.

now i can burn a cd, browse the net, play games all at the same time.

my advice is to get a new drive, but keep old faithful as a backup.

ps. most cdrw won't write at anything over 16x , the 48x is the absolute maximum, not the average.

speed isn't everything as i have said before, but reliability is (thats the burnproof bit, Buffer underrun etc.), as is the ability to carry on with whatever i am doing.

i agree with Megatyte on the Nero bit, easycd is ok but nero is just that little bit nicer to use.

  The Sack 23:18 08 Jul 2003

Liteon have just released the 52X 52X 32X so wait a few weeks and the one that re-writes at 24X will drop from 34 quid to around 28 quid, it uses a mediatek 6 chipset which by all accounts is better than the new 7 chipset when it comes to writing quality.

  woodchip 23:24 08 Jul 2003

I have a 4x4x16 and a 8x8x32 do not take a lot of notice when you read CD numbers. If it works why change it, unless you are going some place in a hurry

  The Sack 02:20 09 Jul 2003

a 4X and an 8X burner will not have burnproofing, the ability to do correct EFM encoding, do a full disc in 2 mins 30 secs, read C2 errors, read data at 52X and have luxury to read audio at 32X plus speeds will it.

Yeah, your right no point in upgrading for the sake of 30 quid is there

  Megatyte 02:26 09 Jul 2003

Audio reads at single speed.


  The Sack 02:28 09 Jul 2003

Blimey when did you last buy a drive LOL, OK lets re-phrase it to rip!

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