4GB upgrade possible?

  arminmckidd 14:10 06 Nov 2009

this is my laptop spec, which should come useful because i want to upgrade to 4GB.

Dell XPS M1530
Intel Core2Duo 2.2 T8100 CPU
8600GT GPU

would there be any problem if i chose to upgrade?


  User-1229748 14:12 06 Nov 2009

if you mean upgrade your ram try hereclick here

  john bunyan 14:55 06 Nov 2009

What Op system? If 32bit I think max is 4Gig, and the Video card is part of the total;

  iscanut 15:37 06 Nov 2009

If you have XP, I think the max Ram that will be used is approx 3.5 so if you already have 3, then not worth bothering.

  jamesd1981 17:11 06 Nov 2009

yeah john your right 4gb ram is limit in 32 bit i would think your ram is ddr2 but you should checkm inside your pc to check if it is you can get a crucial 4gb kit two 2gb sticks on click here for £50

  Technotiger 17:19 06 Nov 2009

A Laptop with 3Gb - not worth upgrading to 4Gb, as already stated, if it is XP, only 3.2Gb will show!

I have XP desktop with 4Gb, but only 3.2Gb shows.

Even if you have Vista, I don't think you would notice much difference going from 3Gb to 4Gb.

  GaT7 18:02 06 Nov 2009

I agree with Technotiger. If there's a bit of a slowdown, why don't you reinstall afresh. This could make a sufficient difference & save you the money.

Don't forget to backup thoroughly prior to the fresh install, & have everything you need to hand before starting - especially the OS/recovery disk & product key. G

  arminmckidd 18:50 06 Nov 2009

sorry guys,
Forgot to add that i have 64 bit windows7 and thats why i wasnt sure if i could upgrade my 3GB to 4GB.
Against my specs, i wanted to know if there was to be any conflicts with compatibility before i made the purchase


  GaT7 19:04 06 Nov 2009

No, there won't be any compatibility problems whatsoever. The only thing that'll be affected is your wallet ;-)

I'm guessing you already have 1x 2Gb module installed, so you'll need another 2Gb module to get it up to 4Gb. If yes, then 2Gb starts at £18 click here (no stock atm) / click here / click here / click here. G

  john bunyan 19:08 06 Nov 2009

4 Gig ok for 64 bit. Download and run the Win 7 Upgrade advisor to check hard and software with 64 bit. You may have to download 64 bit drivers for some items.If everything is working now with 64bit, the extra RAM will improve speed and cannot be a conflict with anything.

  arminmckidd 19:22 06 Nov 2009

thanks for all the responses, very helpful!

Crossbow7, something you said made me realise something. I have 3GB installed but does that mean I have 2GB and 1GB running at the moment?
So that means all I have to do is just buy another 2GB stick?
Here I was thinking I had to buy 4GB (2x2GB) straight!
Another thing to point out, I have no idea what brand my 3GB ram is? does it matter if its different, as long as it fits inside?

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