The 486DX2/66 can it be upgraded

  dabble 19:35 01 Aug 2003

Does anybody out there know if it is okay to replace my old 486DX2/66 with a 486DX4/100. I have had this machine for a very long time and it runs perfectly well, I have recently got an old DX4/100 and it seemed to me that if it will slot in it may work a little faster, or am I dreaming.

  PA28 19:44 01 Aug 2003

The marginal difference that this will make is not worth the risk of upsetting the applecart in my view. If I remember rightly the DX4/100 was the 25mhz chip multiplied up, whereas the 2/66 was the 33mhz chip. They were great running 3.1, and probably handled average office based tasks as well as current machines. Respect their age, enjoy but leave the motherboard in peace!

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