4.7gb DVD blank disk

  pj123 16:47 15 Apr 2004

How much can a 4.7gb DVD disk hold please. I understood that it would be something like 2 hours 55 minutes. I have just captured a Beta tape that has two programmes on totalling 2 hours and 10 minutes. When I came to Make Movie using Pinnacle Studio 8.12 all I got was "Not enough space on the disk" (roughly). I have now split the programmes and the first programme is 94 minutes and is now continuing with the process. So, do I have 2 hours 55 minutes or not. I am trying to copy all my (25 or more year old) Beta tapes to DVD instead of copying them to VHS.

  keenan 17:30 15 Apr 2004

135 min video from a 4.7gb Disc is the most you can expect at the minimum specs.

The better the bitrate the less video you can fit on a DVD and normally you can't fill up a DVD "to the brim" with data, to ensure that it plays in a DVD player, so this 4.7GB limit is in reality a little less.

  billyliv 17:33 15 Apr 2004

Hi, Using a 'Philips DVD+ Recorder I can record 6 Hours on a single DVD+R. Cheers, Bill

  pj123 17:49 15 Apr 2004

crx1600. Thanks for the link which gives me some sort of insight to it. But having just bought a DVD player I have just borrowed my first feature film on DVD from my local library which is 2 hours and 25 minutes. What size DVD is that on. Previously I was quite happy to copy my Beta tapes to CD using Neroburn and making VCDs, but the limit was 1 hour, which meant if the programme was over the hour I had to make two or three VCDs. I thought a DVD rewriter would be able to copy the whole tape in one go.

  keenan 18:50 15 Apr 2004

Most commercially produced DVD's are DVD-9 discs
which are single sided 'dual' layered holding 9.4 GB of data.
Whereas most blank DVD's are DVD-5 discs which are single sided 'single'layered holding 4.7 GB of data.

  jim1947 18:54 15 Apr 2004

I think commercial dvd's are dual layer 9.4 gbs, but someone will correct me if I'm wrong. There are some software programmes that will strip out any superflous stuff such as multi lingual captions ect to make it fit on a single dvd.

  teedee 19:23 15 Apr 2004

The amount of video stored on a 4.7gb disc depends on the quality required. There are programs that will convert video files to fit exctly to the disc and burn them for you. Try click here it's free.

  pj123 12:43 16 Apr 2004

Thanks teedee9. Have downloaded that and will give it a try.

  pj123 17:36 23 Dec 2004

Sorry that this thread is still outstanding. The problem is now solved. Not using Pinnacle but using Sonic MyDVD. Plus I have now got a domestic DVD recorder that will record minute by minute.

Ticked as resolved.

  toni b 00:53 24 Dec 2004


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