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4/4 WD 10TB Elements drives not showing.

  bosharpe 16:19 09 Jan 2020

I’ve bought and owned 4 X 10TB WD Elements external HDs for a few months now. I’m a videographer so need lots of space to store projects and footage. three of the 4 WD drives are suddenly no longer showing up when connected. I’ve tried to initialize them but get the message ‘the request failed due to a fatal device hardware error’. I’ve gone into device manager and unchecked the ‘allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’ box too. Changed cables and ports as well to be sure. I’ve also recently bought a top notch Dell laptop for remote editing so have been recently plugging my storage drives into the laptop. Are the drives buggered, or could this be something to do with my new Dell, or is there anything else I’m missing? Really would appreciate the help as I’m unable to work!

  bosharpe 17:34 09 Jan 2020

UPDATE: It seems 3/4 drives are currently doing the same thing. On Disk Management these all show with 0MB capacity. I’ve downloaded the free version of Mini Tools to try and scan for issues but still nothing. This is truly weird as I was using them all fine until some hours ago. They can’t have all died at once?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:38 09 Jan 2020

If you initialise them you will lose everything on them.

Hardware error does not sound good - the fact you can see them in disk management (File explorer) probably means the USB3 connection is OK, otherwise I would have suggested opening the case and removing the HDDs to connect direct to a sata port on the mother board of a desktop. If you open them up then the warranty will probably become invalid and at a only few months old I would want my money back.

These drives are externally powered can you fell any vibration or Leds lit when switched on?

  bosharpe 17:53 09 Jan 2020

Led is blinking. No vibration though, which is a good point you bring up. Usually there is something gyrating inside I can feel through the case.

If they are totally screwed (And I still can't fathom how 3 died on the same day) then I'll need to recover data from at least one.

I was thinking about opening them up. But I wouldn't want to void my warranty and I'll need them replaced ASAP.

  wee eddie 18:32 09 Jan 2020

Opening them up will achieve nothing unless you can do it in a "Clean Room". How are they connected to the PC, I'm assuming USB3, or is it otherwise

  bosharpe 18:49 09 Jan 2020

Yes, USB3. Two of the drives are weeks old. The third I bought in June/July 2019.

I have video footage from two clients I need to retrieve in order to complete the jobs, so I'm tearing my hair out, as you might expect.

Might a power surge or other disturbance have caused something to go awry? I'm struggle to believe 3 fairly new drives all caput at once.

  bosharpe 19:04 09 Jan 2020

Something that may be worth a mention - I recently bought a new Dell laptop for editing and grading 4k video. I've only been hooking these up to the laptop lately, not my usual desktop PC. One of the drive (working this morning) failed not long after trying to access it via my laptop. Could this be the culprit, and why?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:29 09 Jan 2020

wee eddie

don't mean opening the HDD just extracting the drive from the external casing, these elements are just standard 3.5 inch HDDs in a caddy

click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:30 09 Jan 2020

What is it showing in disk management? RAW?

  bosharpe 19:48 09 Jan 2020

In Disk Management it says: Unknown. Needs Initializing.

  bosharpe 19:52 09 Jan 2020

Okay, I don't have a spare external caddy, but will consider this option.

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