4:3 monitor

  Liteman 15:04 22 Nov 2011

I'm looking for a 17" or 19" monitor for my camera club - so far, so easy; but the problem is I'd like one in 4:3 format to replicate the images produced by our digital projector. The monitor is basically to act as a duplicate of the projection screen hence the need for 4:3. needless to say we don't want to spend a fortune, any ideas?

  Batch 16:24 22 Nov 2011

You could take a look at used ones on ebay. There's quite a number available as so many are switching to widescreen.

If you are prepared to go and pick one up and somebody nearby is selling but not prerpared to ship, you can get a real bargain as the number of punters for these tends to be quite low. For example, I picked up a very decent Lenovo 19" for £13.50 a few moths ago.

BTW, you'll find a lot of what people think are 4:3 are in fact 5:4.

  Liteman 16:28 22 Nov 2011

I have noticed the confusion between 4: and 5:4, seems quite common. samsung appear to do one that, although its not 4:3 is, in their words, intelligent and shows the screen image in the proportions required.

  Batch 16:37 22 Nov 2011

A selection on ebay:

ebay 19" auctions

  Ian in Northampton 16:58 22 Nov 2011

The received wisdom is that you should always project/display in the native resolution of the source material. For sure, you wouldn't want to show 4:3 source in 16:9 aspect ratio, as it will be distorted. That said, any half way decent projector or display will show the original source either with black bits down the sides (4:3 on a 16:9 screen) or letterboxed (16:9 on a 4:3 screen). A 16:9 screen would work for the OP if he/his club were prepared for the fact that the displayed image didn't occupy all of the screen real estate.

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