429 Runtime Error cant create object

  psyduck 21:55 30 Mar 2003

I have WindowsME everytime I go on word the screen opens up with the message 429 Runtime Error cant create object.There are four boxes continue,end,debug and help. I clicked on help that gave me a blank page.Continue and Debug arent operable,End works,but if I do any work I cant print anything. I have been on loads of help sights, they suggested Visual Basic 5, but that hasnt solved anything.

  MAJ 22:07 30 Mar 2003

The fact that it's happening when you open Word, psyduck, could suggest that it's a problem with the Normal.dot template. Close Word and search your hard drive for Normal.dot, when you find any, rename them all to abnormal.dot and re-open Word. That will create a new Normal.dot file. See if that cures your error message.

  Taran 22:19 30 Mar 2003

Are you getting an Active X message along with the 429 error ?

  MAJ 01:12 31 Mar 2003

"How do I check my hard drive?"

psyduck, I don't check that email address too often, you're better off posting here in the forum, were others have a chance of better input.

Go to Start > Search or Find > Files and Folders and type in Normal.dot, set it to search your C drive and click the Search button. After a time it will show you all the instances of Normal.dot stored on your computer. Right click each one in turn, choose Rename and change the name of the file from Normal.dot to Abnormal.dot. Then Re-open Word and see if you get the error message.

  psyduck 19:00 31 Mar 2003

Checked all of the Normal.dot files, 429 still there!!

  Taran 20:01 31 Mar 2003

I'm sorry for the delay in responding - I only just got the chance to check my emails.

When you say you have checked all of the Normal.dot files, you should only find one file of that name and one shortcut to it, which you can distinguish from the template document by the small arrow in the lower left corner.

Can you tell us which version of Office you have installed, whether you have any service patches applied to it and whether you have any up to date antivirus software ?

You could also let us know, if you can pinpoint it, when things started to go wrong - did you install any additional software or are you linking Word into business contacts and similar ?

Any other details could well help.

There are a few common causes of your error message, but most of them do not result purely from opening Word. This could be anything from virus activity to a missing or corrupt dll/ocx file or VB runtime files.

Any other details you can think of ?

  psyduck 21:53 31 Mar 2003

There were 7 files and 4 with arrows.Should I name them Normal again.
I have works suite 2000, always have had since I bought the computer last September.
At the time when this error happened I think it was when Mcafee said it had found a virus, after it said the files would be renamed, it totally froze. When I tried to open Mcafee up again, the message came up saying Mcafee couldn't be found.It also won't reinstall,but I have since installed AVG which I am happy with.

  Taran 22:30 31 Mar 2003

OK, you either have virus damage or an active virus, probably one of the macro virus infections that have been doing the rounds for long enough. It would explain a lot.

You have a few choices, but your first course of action is to ensure you are virus free.

I'd suggest you go to click here and follow the prompts to scan your system for virus infection. It will take a while but is worth the time and effort. Depending on the results of this, you may have to clean an infection from your PC or you can progres to the next step.

Delete ALL Normal.dot files - Word will recreate a new one when it is first started after you delete the old ones.

If you still get the error I'd suggest your system files have taken a good beating, so you may have to reinstall Windows.

Better yet, you could wipe your hard disk clean and start afresh, but if you have never done this before it can seem a bit intimidating.

If you have a system restore disk from the PC manufacturer, I'd suggest you save all of your important files to CD (if you have a CD writer) or to floppy disks if your files will fit, then run the recovery CD(s) to put your PC back to how it should be.

If you would prefer intructions for starting from scratch, post again, but it sounds to me as though some of your system files have been well and truly munched. This would account for why you cannot reinstall your antivirus software. You could well find that the virus is still fully active, which could also acount for your multiple Normal.dot templates, among other things.

  psyduck 19:41 01 Apr 2003

Went on the virus scan site, It came up clear no viruses found. 429 error still there. Now what?

  psyduck 22:17 02 Apr 2003

If you are still there, I have been looking at all my program files. In the Internet downloaded program files I have found a file called "Dialer Active X Control, I clicked on it,The status box say's damaged,If I delete this file will it put everything right.

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