404 error in Speakers corner

  jack 15:26 31 Aug 2008

Earlier to -day I posted to Speakers corner-
What are you doing chilling out?
I consited of of an site with auto drawing which I though was interesting.
I have recieved a response from Spuds and Buteman
but in each case- the response URL
click here
Showed error 4404
and the item is no longer in Speakers Corner

Have I done something bad

  johnnyrocker 20:29 31 Aug 2008

same here but not sure of the answer


  jack 21:54 31 Aug 2008

Because it was in the forum for a while- and seemingly collected two responses- then dissappeared
Are We both in a dark lace together Johnny and we do not know where ?
Perhaps there are four or more of us in limbo
Oooher its dark in here


  birdface 09:22 01 Sep 2008

Same.I can't find it on my postings either.Maybe contact Forum Editor to see if maybe he has moved it elsewhere.But he would normally tell you if he was going to shift it.

  birdface 09:30 01 Sep 2008

I can only think that your click here was maybe unsafe to open and FE may have removed it.I did notice that you were also having problems receiving your mail lately.Have you ran any of your security programs just to be in the safe side.

  jack 10:16 01 Sep 2008

My mail reception is OK and certainly any perceived problem[ which turned out to be not one at all] predates the reception and passing out of the item in question.
I feel it must be an error in the system as JohnyRocker experienced the same problem it seems with one of his posts.

It appear in the forum, attracts a response, or two
Mean while disappears from the forum - not a lock- just ain't there and clicking on the response URL gives the 404 Error - what ever that is.
No intervention from Peter so I suspect a system error rather any wrong doing on our part.

  jack 10:22 01 Sep 2008

click here
click here

click here

As the page has gone from the forum, it may be an automatic thing perhaps looking at URL that may seem dodgy, with no humnan intervention.
Though the link came to me OK in a regular E-mail.

  birdface 10:32 01 Sep 2008

Yes probably a system error.I have opened a few threads this morning showing a few replies.But when opened no replies are not showing and I have to refresh the page again.Off course this may be a problem at my end.Just the odd little niggle that says something is not right.

  birdface 10:43 01 Sep 2008

Not a lover of Reg Cure so will give your 2nd click here a miss.It usually finds problems then wants you to pay to remove them.

  jack 12:09 01 Sep 2008

Nor I- gave that one a miss
When tried previous - it listed an outrageous number of errors
A right come on I suspect

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