4 year old Evesham desktop freezing

  Mike_R 12:29 12 Nov 2011

My desktop which was bought in May 1997 and is running under Vista often gets stuck when switching on, with the display looping on the Vista loading bar. I can clear this eventually by continually switching off and on, but is driving me to distraction as it seems to happen (Sods Law) when I want access quickly.

I have thought of installing Windows 7 assuming that the problem is in the OS, but I thnk that it would be better to dump the desktop for a new one. I do not play games and only use the desktop for the WEB, printing photos and Microsoft Works. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement desktop, preferably without the monitor, keypad or speakers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:57 12 Nov 2011

gets stuck when switching on, with the display looping on the Vista loading bar

That sounds like a driver problem - try updating or reinstalling your drivers in device manager.

  Mike_R 13:09 12 Nov 2011

Budget around £500. Could go higher but do not wish to get a PC that I will never use to its full potential.

  robin_x 13:19 12 Nov 2011

Access quickly? Download Ubuntu (burn when your PC is working or another. Try not Install). Just runs from CD/DVD boot.

Allows Firefox browsing and LibreOffice.

Then you can come back here and fix Vista at your pleasure.

  john bunyan 17:16 12 Nov 2011

I also have a 4 year old Evesham desktop, running well on W 7 64 bit. What is the spec of yours? Maybe a component may need updating - a lot cheaper than a new machine.

  Mike_R 20:12 13 Nov 2011

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6320 @ 1.86GHz 1.87Hz

Memory (RAM): 2.00 GB

System type: 32-bit Operating System

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