4 way scrolling

  exdragon 22:10 23 Jul 2008

Hi - I've just bought a MS Natural Wireless Laser mouse. I haven't installed the Intellipoint 6.1 software which came with it, but am using the 5.3 version (there are reviews on Amazon which suggested using this as 6.1 isn't compatible with photoshop).

Does anyone know if 6.1 is required for the 4 way scrolling? I can only get the tilt wheel to go up and down.

  Technotiger 22:24 23 Jul 2008

I have a similar mouse, though mine is Logitech, to operate horizontal scrolling I press the scroll-wheel down (like a button), then on a web-page a four-way arrow appears, allowing vertical and horizontal scrolling.

  exdragon 22:56 23 Jul 2008

I only get a 2 way arrow (up & down) but the wheel is suppose to tilt...

Perhaps it really does need 6.1. I'll leave thisopen overnight in case anyone else had any ideas.

  Technotiger 08:18 24 Jul 2008

If you expand your web-page window sideways so that you have a scroll bar at the bottom, I think you will then see the 4-way arrow when you press your mouse button.

  Technotiger 08:18 24 Jul 2008

PS - my wheel also tilts.

  exdragon 10:02 24 Jul 2008

That makles sense - no point scrolling sideways if the whole screen is on view!

Brain in gear... Thanks

  Technotiger 11:03 24 Jul 2008

Your welcome - Cheers.

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