4 track tape recording direct to PC

  [DELETED] 16:05 27 Apr 2005

I've got an old 4 Track that records on tape and I want a PC onto which I can directly transfer the recordings in a digital format to burn CDs. Can anybody advise me on the cheapest PC (and necessary accessories to go with it) that could do this for me?

  [DELETED] 17:05 27 Apr 2005

What PC do you have now?

  [DELETED] 17:06 27 Apr 2005

maybe not worth to buy a PC for just 4 tapes

maybe you can ask a mate do it for you, just connect tape player's output to the PC's sound card Line-in, then you can use a free program CDex to do it click here

if you want to get a cheap PC, Dell has some great offers under £300

  [DELETED] 17:09 27 Apr 2005

You might also lke to look through some of these previous thread.

click here

Although they mostly say Vinyl to CD they all work the same.

  [DELETED] 17:11 27 Apr 2005

Sorry that link didn't work. Just type in vinyl to cd in the search box on the left of the screen (not the top one)

  [DELETED] 17:16 27 Apr 2005

Dimension 3000 (D04302a), £352, Includes VAT & Shipping

Intel Celeron D 2.66GHz Processor (533 FSB)


80GB Hard Drive

48x CDRW Drive

15" TFT Flat Panel Monitor

Windows XP

Dell 720 Printer

Go to dell web site: scroll down and enter the e-value code: 305 D04302a (first section in first box, second section in second box). Change Enhanced Service Pack to 1 Year Collect and Return. click here

  Graham ® 17:33 27 Apr 2005

You will have to mix the four tracks to two (stereo left and right) before transferring to hard drive/CD.

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