4 free roundtrip air tickets!

  geedad 20:18 12 Nov 2011

I have just had an email telling me that I have 4 roundtrip air tickets to fly for free on SouthWest Airlines! "So, would you please confirm your details, so we know where to send them" Click here to get started. ( This is the link ) We look forward to having you fly with us!

Sincerely, SWA Promotions

Anyone else had this email sent to them? I firmly believe this is a scam, with somebody after my bank account -they would be disappointed! - similar to other scams from distant shores! geedad

  rdave13 20:23 12 Nov 2011

Send email to the spam folder.

  geedad 20:31 12 Nov 2011

rdave13 Just deleted it, without opening it. Is that OK? geedad

  rdave13 20:37 12 Nov 2011

Nowt else to do. Now if it was from Nigeria....... :)

  lotvic 20:48 12 Nov 2011

What fun, will be waiting for mine - we might end up on same flights (of fancy)

So (do you really have to) ask yourself:

Am I a customer of SouthWest Airlines?

Do I have one of their Rapid Rewards Cards?

Have I qualified for entry for their More Rewards Sweepstakes?

Have I ever given SouthWest Airlines my email address or details?

  geedad 20:53 12 Nov 2011

rdave13 Yes, I've had those as well, but they were obvious, with their bad spelling and stupid requests. Got to stay alert! Thanks geedad

  geedad 21:00 12 Nov 2011

lotvic Love that reply! geedad

  Woolwell 21:41 12 Nov 2011

The real airline is Southwest Airlines (note no capital W).

It is of course a scam Facebook scam and Spamdiary

  gengiscant 07:37 13 Nov 2011

Geedad. If your not wanting the tickets,can I get them? You don't mention where these round trips are to, hopefully somewhere hot. Anyway please let me know if I these wonderful tickets are transferable to me. Now where's my speedo's?

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