4 beeps 'System Timer Failure' after CPU upgrade

  Graphicool1 13:20 25 Nov 2013

Windows 7 32bit

I just upgraded my Intel i3 CPU to Intel i5 and I get 4 short beeps. This apparently means 'System Timer Failure'. I checked the upgrade against the motherboard requirements, everything should be fine.

I've now reverted back to the old i3 CPU and everything is fine?

The new CPU is as follows...

Series : Ivy Bridge
Socket : LGA 1155
Graphics chipset : Yes
3rd Generation Intel® Quad Core Processor
Intel® Clear Video HD Technology
Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
Intel® HD Graphics

Old GPU is as follows...

Series : Sandy Bridge
Socket : LGA 1155
Graphics chipset : Yes
Intel® Dual Core Processor
Intel® HD Graphics

The Motherboard is...


Question : How can I fix it?

  martd7 13:31 25 Nov 2013

Quite sure you have to flash the bios on a h61 motherboard to accept an ivy bridge processor

  martd7 14:00 25 Nov 2013

Alternatively send the processor back and buy the sandy bridge version

  Bris 14:15 25 Nov 2013

As mart7. I believe you will have to flash the bios with your old CPU in place then power off and install your new CPU otherwise it wont boot.

  Bris 14:19 25 Nov 2013

Warning... its worth checking into this further in relation to your motherboard as you could end up with a PC that wont boot with either CPU if you get it wrong!

  Graphicool1 15:06 25 Nov 2013

Hi mart7

"send the processor back and buy the sandy bridge version"

Although my new GPU will run on Sandy Bridge, in it's requirements it says it wants Ivy Bridge. So that's why when I decided to upgrade my CPU I specifically chose an Ivy Bridge. I thought that might have been the reason it wasn't any better than my old GPU.

Still, I've just looked in my Mobo user guide and it says I can Flash straight from the Internet. That is, if I read it right.

  Bris 15:45 25 Nov 2013

Most Motherboard makers offer a number of different ways of flashing a BIOS whichever way you choose the main thing is you get the right update.

Once you have flashed the BIOS for the Ivybridge CPU then it wont boot up with the Sandybridge installed and if youve got the wrong one it wont boot up under the Ivybridge CPU either and that leaves you with the only option of replacing the BIOS, if you can find one.

Its therefore very important that you research this one carefully.

  Graphicool1 16:13 25 Nov 2013

Thanx Bris

But although I don't want to get it wrong and as such I will do my homework the best I can. Not being the sort of person who rushes into things headlong without giving them my full consideration. I'm also doing my best to keep all possible downside consequences as much out of my mind as I can and look on the bright side.

While you on the other hand, are seemingly insistantly wanting to put the black side to the top of the list. Although I'm sure you don't intend it to seem that way. When I read your warnings, words like doom and gloom and scaremongering comes to mind. I'm sorry, but I don't find you very helpfull, more by way of off putting.

I am quite aware that if things aren't done correctly my PC could go belly up. I just don't need to hear/read someone keeping on rubbing it in. It just seems that all your advice is laced with arsenic.

  martd7 18:51 25 Nov 2013

I think you will have looked on the motherboard site but just in case you havent id put the model number in here and it does say wether or not you can flash the bios By the way i couldnt find the exact motherboard number

click here

  onthelimit1 19:09 25 Nov 2013


Having read this thread I think your comment to Bris completely uncalled for. He has given sensible advice and warnings to stop you screwing up your PC. I do not intend to get involved in a slanging match, but hope if you re-read your comments, you might see how they appear to someone trying to help.

  Bris 20:12 25 Nov 2013

Thanks onthelimit1, I was going to respond but really, as you say, its not worth getting into a slanging match.

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