4 AntiVirus at once-Too much please?

  buel 18:20 12 Feb 2010

My gf has a HP pavillion dv4-1000ea laptop, it's a good little computer but has a problem with the fan being on most/all of the time, this seems a common fault with this model and is something she/we just have to work around(the fan vent is underneath the laptop so is always facing whatever surface the laptop is on, eg- table, her lap, etc) so i do this by putting 3 tea-coasters under the rear of her laptop, allowing air to flow past the fan vent. (Stop laughing!!)

The laptop has always struck me as not as sharp/responsive as it should be so i have tried to ease the burden on it so the fan may die down a bit, i have upgraded the Ram from 2gb to 3gb, persuaded her to run 'Vista Basic' as opposed to the normal 'whistles+bells version', disabled/unticked quite a few things in 'Msconfig' to no avail. However, i noticed today that she has 4 anti-virus/spyware programs running in her bottom right-hand corner (taskbar?), they are SuperAntiSpyware, AVG, Adaware and 'Scottydog'(whatever that is?)
Please can anyone tell me:
1, Do these 'run' in the background, and if so,
2, Do they drain the processor much?
3, And would this result in the fan being on?

  Technotiger 18:25 12 Feb 2010

None of those should have any bad effect on the CPU speed. Scotty dog is the shortcut to WinPatrol which is a useful program to have, it shows virtually all the inner workings of the PC and allows changing of various settings.

In WinPatrol (scotty dog) have a look under the processes and you will see some of what I mean.None of them should result in the fan being on - this sounds more like an over-heating problem.

  Sea Urchin 18:26 12 Feb 2010

Only one AV program - namely AVG. The others are for spyware, and can run on-demand scans. Scottydog features in WinPatrol which is active in the background.

  buel 18:36 12 Feb 2010

Thank you!!
So all is fine then?

  rdave13 18:37 12 Feb 2010

Woodchip gave some advice on laptop cooling. A little gem that I'd never thought of. Use one of those compressed air aerosols (for PCs obviously) and gently blow into the air vents and fan to dislodge dust. Gently being important! :)

  GaT7 18:39 12 Feb 2010

You can get her to try a laptop cooler like click here perhaps.

More choice at click here & click here.

They look a bit gimmicky - wonder how effective they'll be for your GF's one. G

  Technotiger 18:44 12 Feb 2010

Generally speaking, Yes ... however, the lappie should never be used on a persons Lap without a solid base between it and the person - a good idea would be to get a laptop cooler stand click here

  Technotiger 18:45 12 Feb 2010

I must learn to type faster ... :-)

  rdave13 19:01 12 Feb 2010

These laptop coolers are fine if the internals of the laptop are relatively dust free.

  buel 19:01 12 Feb 2010

Thank you for that, great advice!!
Ps- I have purchased a can of compressed air, just one more question- shall i use it when the laptop is off or on?

  Technotiger 19:04 12 Feb 2010

Preferably - off!

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