3rd memory Module & Kernel Stack In Error Page

  glen2409 09:36 07 Oct 2005


I run windows XP Pro on an Epox mobo with AMD64 3000+ cpu. I have 2 memory modules, 2 x 512mb DDR.

The other day I added a 3rd module, all the same type and makes, to go upto 1.5GB. Mobo supports more than this.

Yesterday my PC froze and then I got a blue screen saying Kenrel Stack In Error Page. I restarted and could not boot as I had a system32/config file corrupt or missing. I had to restore an image file from my back HD.

I have since run a defrag and full CHKDSK. Any ideas what may have caused this? Was it adding the 3rd module I have used Memtest86 to check all modules stand-alone and they are ok.


  gudgulf 10:15 07 Oct 2005

It is possible the memory controller can't handle having all three slots full of the type of memory you have.

You need to check with the motherboard manual what configurations of memory it can handle.

Are you running it with just two sticks again?

  glen2409 10:17 07 Oct 2005


Thanks for the reply. I have resorted back to just the 2. it says the mobo can take upto 3GB and I thought it could handle all 3 slots being used, don't see the point of having 3 slots if not. System seems stable at the mo but wanted to run 1.5GB.

  gudgulf 10:28 07 Oct 2005

Post the motherboard model and the memory type/make on here and I'll see if I can track down a reason for it not working.

If you know the memory timings(ie Cas3 etc) that would help.

If all the memory is working correctly then it might be possible to tweak the settings in BIOS to get all three sticks running together.

  glen2409 10:32 07 Oct 2005

Thanks for your help

Motherboard Name Epox EP-8KDA3J
Memeory is Twin-Mos 512mb DDR 400, i think the Cas is 2.5

  gudgulf 15:27 07 Oct 2005

Ok I think I know what the problem is.......have a look at your memory modules.Do they all have Flat black IC chips on both sides of the RAM chips?I bet they do.....this is "double sided" RAM.....it seems your motherboard is happier using "single sided" RAM (ie chips on one side only)

If you don't have a copy of the manual then click here to download one.I recommend you do.

In order to run at DDR400 speed you can run one double sided memory stick in slot1,a double sided in Slot1 and a single sided in either of the other two slots, or 3 single sided modules if you want to use all three slots.

You are in fact quite lucky that two double sided memory sticks are working together.....there are lots of people that have problems doing even that!

All is not lost though.......what this means is you need to slow the memory down a bit so that the memory controller can cope.The manual will show you what to do but I will point you in the right direction.

To enter the BIOS boot the pc whilst tapping the Delete key as you do.

The simplest option is to reduce the actual speed of the Ram to the next speed down.

To do this from the main BIOS menu select Advanced Chipset Features.From the new menu that opens up select DRAM Configuration.Now select Max Memclock(MHZ)...It will be reading either Auto or 200.Try changing it to 166 (or even 133 MHz if that does not work).Then press the F10 key on your keyboard and say yes to accept the changes and exit the BIOS.

That will reduce the overall performance of the memory but should let you boot into Windows using all three memory sticks.

If this works post back.....by messing around with the actual memory timings it might be possible to get back up to DDR400 speeds.But it's more important to get all three sticks working together if possible first.

  glen2409 16:01 07 Oct 2005

Thanks alot for your help.

I do have the manual and had a look at it today. All the modules are double sided. Are single sided modules easy to get and do you know any manufacturers?

I am familiar with the BIOS and know how to use it. Do you think i'm better staying at the 1GB memory at DDR400 than slowing it down but having 1.5GB?

  gudgulf 18:00 07 Oct 2005

It wont do any harm to try and get all 1.5GB working.If dropping the speed works then try setting the memory clock back to 200 (not Auto) and set the Cas Latency to 3 or 4.

If you are lucky the pc will boot at DDR400 but at a slightly lower speed.

Which is ultimately the best option depends on the reason you are wanting to inrease your memory to 1.5GB.

To be honest I have no Idea how easy it is to get single sided memory.I would start by looking somewhere like Crucial click here

I have a sneaking suspicion it's note widely available.

  glen2409 19:31 07 Oct 2005

With the 3 modules the system would boot but would then freeze at some point whilst using the pc. That error was the first time I had got it then I couldnt boot into windows after.

  gudgulf 20:34 07 Oct 2005

I've had the System/config error too.....it was faulty RAM in my case.It took several reinstalls and a lot of muking about to solve.

I believe you can get the System/config corruption from the pc shutting down incorrectly before the config files are transferred from RAM to hard drive.Hence it wont boot again......not even into safe mode.

It sounds to me as if the system was not quite able to run with all three sticks.......I would certainly try running them at Cas 3.My machine is slightly overclocked and when setting it up I would get similar freezes if I pushed the RAM at too high an FSB speed,or more specifically if the timings were set too aggressively.I can run 2x512 sticks of RAM at CAS 2 and 220FSB...if I put that up the 4x512 sticks it will boot at stock speed but not at all if I go to 1MHz over stock.Setting CAS 2.5 and I can overclock all 4 to 220FSB again.

That's the reason I think upping the latency to CAS 3 will work.....and I'm sure that dropping to DDR333 will too.

I'm afraid I'm an inveterate fiddler.....As I see it the worst that can happen is you have to reload the backup again or reset the BIOS if it wont boot!Of course the safe option is to stick with 1GB.

Can I ask why you need 1.5 GB RAM.......only being nosey here.I use 2GB on my own rig to cope with heavy duty gaming/fast user switching and a truck load of background programs,lol.

  gudgulf 20:34 07 Oct 2005

muking about?????

er, mucking about!

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